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Re: Bypassing Personal Firewall, is it that* hard?
From: Bipin Gautam <gautam.bipin () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 02:46:08 +0545

nothing much... i was just Tested stuffs on Zone Alarm Pro 6.0.667.000
i bunped into something intresting. A test program 'evil.exe' went to
a infinite recursive loop. No wounder, soon the system out of
memory..... but my BIG surprise vsmon.exe CRASHED ( testing on winxp
sp2, with Admin privilage) I manage to KILL the process of EVIL.exe &
system returned to normal functioning.... but FIREWALL DOWN!



On 10/4/05, Debasis Mohanty <mail () hackingspirits com> wrote:
Hey AZ,

Andrei Zlate-Podani wrote:
A firewall has to do with network traffic. All this talk about "bypassing
firewall x or y using this
trick or that one" is sheer nonsense.

I just noticed "@bitdefender.com" in your ID and I am sure you must be
knowing better than me in all aspect as far as AV / Firewall goes.
Unfortunately I have to exaplain you that ZA Pro and its siblings are much
more than normal personal fw which even includes many of those
functionalities which takes care of most of the local OS based attacks and
even much more.

It is not the job of a firewall to track all the relations of executables
and/or API calls in the system.

You are right as long as you are talking about old school days firewalls...
;-) I would like to suggest you give a shot to ZA Pro / Internet Security
Suit once most of your doubts about current days fw will be clear :)

I never heard anybody complaining that iptables allows a script execute
Conqueror to communicate with a server.

Is it ?? What a coincidence, Infact me too never heard :P

Use an antivirus program or an IDS for this job.

Nice suggestion !!! Which products are you going to suggest to the home pc
users and corporate end-users??


Bah ... D

Bipin Gautam

Zeroth law of security: The possibility of poking a system from lower
privilege is zero unless & until there is possibility of direct,
indirect or consequential communication between the two...
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