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Re: Gary McKinnon
From: bkfsec <bkfsec () sdf lonestar org>
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 13:30:58 -0400

joe haldon wrote:

That's twisted logic Valdis. If some of the 'non-voters' who didn't like Kerry *had* voted, Kerry would have lost even more badly than he had.

And what about the lines of people waiting to vote in predominantly democratic districts of red states whose ability to vote was negated by what can only be called electoral sabotage?

Didn't happen, right?  Right...

There were so many voting irregularities in the last election that if we were a third-world country being monitored, the election would have been heavily contested and labeled as fraudulant by all Western Nations... but since we're the "last world superpower", our leaders get away with what other countries get lambasted for.

Truth be told, more people hate the current republican party than like it. If everyone who could have voted would have voted, it would be a landslide victory for the left. This is especially true if people were to vote along ideological lines rather than party lines. Many people (stupidly) voted for Bush because they thought he'd better represent the interests of the common man... in other words, they voted red when they should have been voting blue.

And why should people demonize a person or party just because they don't agree?
Because in this case you have a party that is wilfully and intentfully trying to destroy democracy in this country. If it were just that we didn't agree, well then we could talk. But through the neo-conservative movement you have an attempt at a corporate neo-fascist takeover of the country.

Why should we demonize these people? We didn't -- they're just about as close to demons as you can get in reality. Their own actions have demonized them.


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