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Re: [funsec] fuzzing mailing list
From: n3td3v <n3td3v () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 15:42:10 +0100

On 4/17/06, Devdas Bhagat <devdas () dvb homelinux org> wrote:

Can it be spam if its not inserted into a signature.


Then Secunia has paid someone to get the rights to spam via the
Full-Disclosure footer. It might be arranged by the list owner, but
its still unsolicited for the individual user inboxes. I don't believe
Secunia or Full-Disclosure can decide what I can decide is unsolicited
to my e-mail address.

Spam to me is when an identical peice of information is sent more than once.

Spam to me includes URLs inserted into sigatures.


Its not irrelevant, it was on-topic for the point I was making.

Full-Disclosure allows Secunia to spam FD.

No, Secunia hosts FD.

Everyone knows this, but they didn't host it in the beginning. They
only host it, because they were told their web address would be
inserted into the footer. Its spam via the backdoor, it should be
illegal, but it isn't yet.

It is a very smart way for Secunia to advertise. I wonder how much
they paid to be able to spam everyone on FD.

If the Secunia URL can be classed as unsolicited spam, then surely its
as illegal as any other spam.

Maybe in the future companies will choose to sponsor mailing lists for
a socially acceptable way to spam, without facing criminal charges.

Mailing lists are _not_ a problem, as long as they are confirmed opt-in.
(The two step process of subscribing and confirming that subscription.)

Mailing lists are a problem, and will be a bigger one in the future,
as my point was making.

No, the folks like me opt-in on the original netsys full-disclosure,
Secunia just high-jacked the list with their web address in the footer

Make an unrefuseable offer to me, and the legal way to spam will be
No such thing exists. Either a message is unsolicited and bulk, or it

Sarcasm, you missed it. If Google thought I was making thousands of
dollars a year, like Full-Disclosure does by letting Secunia "sponsor"
them, Google would close my Google Groups list down quicker than shit.

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