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RE: re: Dude! Amigo! [Was: Re: [funsec] Universityof South Carolina e-Mail Co
From: Steven Rakick <stevenrakick () yahoo com>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 09:11:30 -0700 (PDT)

In an effort to keep the facts straight, Canada
doesn't have a President, they have a Prime Minister.

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I'm not a fan of dubya, but NAFTA was passed during
the Clinton administration...
It was the initially pursued by George H.W. Bush
(dubya senior) and the Canadian president but it
didn't get very far during his term.

Clinton thought it was a good idea so took up the
crusade after he was elected.
From the Wiki:
There was considerable opposition on both sides of the
border, but in the United States it was able to secure
passage after President Bill Clinton made its passage
a major legislative initiative in 1993. After intense
political debate and the negotiation of several side
agreements, the US House passed NAFTA by 234-200 (132
Republicans and
102 Democrats voting in favor) and the US Senate
passed it by 61-38.
End From the Wiki.

The current outsourcing stuff started with Clinton
too. It was already well under way in 2000. The
outsourcing didn't require any new laws to be passed.
It exploited loopholes, precedents set with NAFTA, and
the lack of laws concerning labor export.

I am afraid you can't blame the current president for
this one... The current president may not be
everyone's favorite president, but let's at least keep
the facts straight and not twist history.

Bush inherited these two things from your man Clinton,
along with the Dot Com bubble. Give credit where it's


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