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Question: Need Suggestions
From: "y0himba" <y0himba () technolounge org>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 19:09:38 -0400


I lurk on this list not posting much and watching, learning from those of
you who do.  I am in need of s suggestion.

I run WinXP SP2.  I am a sounds freak, so I have my system configured to
play a small sound when a program opens, and another when it closes.  Over
the past week, I have noticed something starting and ending almost
instantaneously when I start certain programs, for instance, Skype.
Normally, I can use Dtaskmanager, Autoruns, and a few other process managers
to watch and figure out what is running, but whatever this process is
happens so fast I cannot catch it.

What I would like to find is some type of Windows software that will log
processes starting and ending to a text file so I can review it and figure
out what exactly is going on.

I have run multiple online virus and spyware scans, multiple local virus and
spyware scans, I have run rootkit revealer, HiJack this, and a few others.
They find nothing, so it is probably innocuous, but it is making me nuts
trying to figure out what ended up on this system.  I am very obsessive
about keeping it clean and organized, and running great. 

Any serious help is welcome.  I can do without the "run Linux" and Windows
sucks statements.

Thanks for any and all constructive replies.

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