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Re: Re: kiddie porn warning [was: Fwd: Re: montspace -- child porn (site still up)]
From: Gadi Evron <ge () linuxbox org>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 17:53:55 +0200

Michael Holstein wrote:
Guys, please refrain from going to that site or downloading it. In some western countries just having CP on your PC means your life can be completely ruined without much further evidence or investigation before-hand.

wget to STDOUT would be safe in such situations, no?

You can't "see" an image rendered that way, unless you're Rain Man and can mentally reassemble a JPG from text.

Motive is irrelevant. Leave this to the proper authorities.

Tried that .. emailed both the FBI and Interpol on three occasions .. and received no response. Perhaps if I picked up the phone and just talked to the dialtone .. then their evesdroppers would pick it up and act?


PS: This begs the larger question on what, as a network operator do we do when we "stumble" upon such things? .. are we guilty just because we found it by accident (in this case, because some dipass posted a URL without warning as to the content) .. and try to be proactive in dealing with the problem (while simultaneously reporting it to the authorities)?

They never reply. Ever. That is why I and others proceed with take-down. We deal/report with "suspected CP" rather than for sure.

Seeing is irrelevant. If logs show you visited it, or if you have it somewhere or even just the mere accusation of it can ruin your life.

The US is drastic on this, but the UK as an example is a killer. I can understand why they act this way, I really can, but they over-compensated to the point where this can really ruin lives.

Imagine a divorce case where the wife blames her husband of holding CP.. I am sure the cops will take it into consideration and talk to him first, but they would still have to investigate, confiscate all his computers at home/work/etc. whatever.

Report. Take-down, don't wait for LEO's unless told otherwise. Move on. Stay away.

Naturally, this is just my suggestion and I have no legal training what-so-ever.


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