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Re: What is wrong with schools these days?
From: "Bipin Gautam" <gautam.bipin () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 00:56:40 +0545

u talk abt school. Here is a confidential thing till now :O) here in
our country medical students from a reputed university over here are
copying EXAM question papers from their professors computer as very
few professors have idea abt net bios share. ya the university have
some IT staff... even has engineering branch etc in its divisions but
even medical students who have very little to no idea abt computers
are doing it (privately) from internet lab & as the whole university
is in 1 big WAN & they are even looking around some pros who can get
it for them if the things they want are in hard to reach places. next
year the university is gonna add wify and have wireless hot-spots all
around...... for easy internet access. It will be intresting to see &
keep watch of... if medical students can even imazine if the wireless
traffic can be captured..... and willing to try something creative.
such truth is only revealed either if

1). its leaked (but: i'm gonna protect the identity of the source...
and have given a SLIGHTLY misleading details) or

2). if someone smart enough is gonna spot it.

to spot it..... protect from it.... migrate from it..... we need ppl.
with some short of technical understanding of the details on
everything they are doing from a security prospective. BUT we all know
it.......... to hire someone with all qualifications. BUT good $$$ &
skill man power are needed to draw such ppl. who is relatively very
rare (in my part of globe) NOR the managers  know ICT security as such
a big threat. The working IT staff will always try to create an
illusion on technology to the managers so that they will be mis-leaded
and only see what their present IT staff want them to see & they won't
let them see anything thats beyond their technical capability & do the

atlest this is the story of small businesses & many ICT service
providers around here. how do u expect a school will figure it out
sooo soon its a necessity until something bad befalls them!!!

Bipin Gautam

Zeroth law of security: The possibility of poking a system from lower
privilege is zero unless & until there is possibility of direct,
indirect or consequential communication between the two...
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