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Re: Your neighbor's security is critical to your security
From: Steve Kudlak <chromazine () sbcglobal net>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 14:45:54 -0800

Trying to be gentle here, what are your proposed fixes other than a homey proverb and a few examples. I certainly don't want a certrally controlled internet with someone looking over it. You could try to convince people to people they should be careful on what they click. There are lots of things on the net that say "if you are irritated about say for example, the Patriot Act, click here and we will send a post card to your representative or senator. Now the effect this had was that most senators began to ignore their email. So this has happened in the lowly world of a paper mail being sent. This by the way is my grumble about "grassroots movements" fail because they often to convince their representatives that the ideas they hold have sense rather than being a large amount of worked up people. Of course my counter argument has the other side does the same thing of working people up and trying to get them to accept a bunch of politicies that are not based on reality.

That is why I pretty much expect people to present a reasonable and concrete plan against what they are worried about, and that they establish what they are worried about is a reasonable thing to be worried about. I dount you can convince 2% of the Internet to click something to bother someone iof they realize it could be done to them too.The question is what you hope are the proper
steps to defend against a credible set of threats.

I really think there are threats out there but that much of the whole "White Hat", "Black Hat" and if you wiill "Yellow Hat" or "Red Hat" Community is about as real as Dungeons and Dragons games that spawned the terms. This whole idea of the millions and millions of compromised machines maybe a bit exaggerrated. I am sure somc set of bored bright teens could have a bit of fun trying to take down sbcglobal for fun by pinging it or something elese to prove their mispelling of "hacker" prowess. to yours truly but as far as I am concerned vague fears are vague fears until someone actually nails it down. Elsewise it gets to be like all these "Sleeper Cells" we are supposed to be worried about so we will sell all our rights down the river.

I am sure encouraging people to be a little more cautious and all that is a good thing. PLease however
try to provide some real facts to back up your points.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

Babak Pasdar wrote:

Here is a recent blog entry on why your neighbor's security is important
to your organization's security.

When I was a child, my mother would share with me a proverb about a
woman who lived in a large village. This woman was, using today's terms,
a clean freak. She would clean her house day and night, inside and out,
but it still would not be clean. So she went to the village elder and
asked what she could do so that her house would finally be clean.

The elder responded, if you want your house to be clean, you should talk
to your neighbors and make sure their homes are clean. This was
surprising to the woman who asked why her neighbor's cleanliness would
affect her?

The elder shared that if the area around her house is clean then there
will be less dirt that can find it's way into her house.

The same holds true with technology security. So many organizations are
extremely engaged in making their security the best it can be. Despite
any efforts, what would happen if only 2% of the Internet decided to
Ping your site or systems at the same time. Regardless of the capacity
you boast and the big boxes in your environment, you would go down for
that moment.
Read the rest here...

Babak Pasdar
Founder / Chief Technology & Information Security Officer

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