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re: Insecurity in Finnish parlament (computers)
From: Markus Jansson <markus.jansson () hushmail com>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 06:35:15 +0200

Juha-Matti Laurio:
>entitled as "Cell phone operator sent 7000-large government account
>information with unprotected e-mail".

Good article, but it lacks one important aspect of the fiasco:
TeliaSonera also disabled crypto (A5/1) on GSM:s for some time, which made it possible to eavesdrop on its/goverments GSM:s. This was a the "big" fuzz.

OK, basically whether or not you are using A5/1 or A5/0 makes no difference, since A5/1 is so easily cracked that any serious attacker can do it anyway (or crack COMP-128-1 or COMP-128-2). If you have the tools to capture/listen GSM calls, you can relatively easily get the stuff to attack A5/1 and COMP-128-1 or 2 anyway. But ofcourse it was nice to "hype" about the fact that TeliaSonera disabled crypto too. And maybe some folks dont still understand that A5/1 is broken and think that it offers some protection. LOL.

Anyway, only sensible way to secure govermental cellurar phones would be use strong crypto/suitable GMS:s, like http://www.cryptophone.de/ so that every member of goverment/parlament could talk securely with any other member of govermenet/parlament and some officials too. Ofcourse if people in Finnish parlament or infosec/compsec sections would know a drek about crypto and security, they would have already done it. ;) Putting all their eggs again in one basket (Elisa) and without strong end-to-end-crypto does not help much.

BTW. How long would you think it would take them to spot false-base-station type of attacks near our parlament house? ;)

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