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Re: NSA tracking open source security tools
From: Leif Ericksen <leife () dls net>
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 11:58:56 -0600

Is anybody else getting tired of the threads about the NSA tracking
stuff?  All of these threads have a lineage back into the 80's as far as
I am concerned I see repeated threads with some changes like TV Soap
operas!  ;)

For author's of open source, you should feel honored if Governments want
to track you projects, unless of course you have authored it or illicit
purposes.  If they are tracking it it means that they like what they see
and they do not want to re-invent the wheel, as well you might have
government guards to prevent hostile forces from taking you away to roce
you to use your brain to hurt and destroy. (Fyodor, you created NMAP to
help people right?  You do not want to hurt people right?)  
Again open source developers that came up with projects that are being
tracked you came up with something good enough that they want to know
what is next!  They see your brain(s) as a trust that must be followed
you came up with something they did not or could not.  ;)

'nuff said here...

Look for the carnivore. oh wait that project has been decommissioned
well what ever to tool flavor of the day/month/year is lets look for all
those key words... Please feel free to add some if I missed any.
Remember to work them into your phone conversations as well.

On Sat, 2006-02-04 at 12:59 -0600, Paul Schmehl wrote:
--On February 4, 2006 1:21:41 AM -0800 Fyodor <fyodor () insecure org> wrote:

Of the recent U.S. political scandals, one of the most divisive is the
issue of President Bush (IMHO illegally) authorizing the NSA to
conduct warantless wiretaps on Americans' phone calls and emails.
While I don't like the NSA tracking my phone calls, they are welcome
to track Nmap release status.  And apparently they are doing so :).
The latest (February 6) issue of Newsweek has a picture on page 39 of
George Bush visiting the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade.  A wall-sized
screen in the background displays the latest versions of our favorite
open source security tools, including Nmap, Metasploit, Snort,
Ethereal, Cain & Abel, and Kismet.  Nifty.  For those
without the magazine, I have posted a pic at:

So....you think what the NSA is doing is illegal and you don't like them 
tracking your phone calls (why would they be?  Are you talking to bin 
Laden?), but you think that them using tools that can be used to 
successfully hack computer networks is "nifty"?

No double standard there, huh?  :-)

Love Nmap, BTW.  Great tool.  Thanks for writing and consistently 
maintaining it.

Paul Schmehl (pauls () utdallas edu)
Adjunct Information Security Officer
University of Texas at Dallas
AVIEN Founding Member
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Set off the monitoring key words:
terrorists, white house, airplane crash, bomb, nuclear weapon, WMD, Iran
or I ran), Iraq, Iraqi, I rack myself, God Lives, Satan Lives, world
freedom church, hellbent, kill, destroy, morte, pentagon, pentagram,
religious zealot, extremist, leftist, left winged, right winged, JFK,
cover up, UFO, area-51, area-52, area-6, area-1, area-50, Rosewell,
Popular science shows stealth aircraft in the 1980's as NEW BREED of
aircraft, X-22, Scram jet technology, cold fusion is real, 3-mile
island, Kiev Russia, Superman prevents nuclear destruction of
California, I have seen so much of this type of stuff in the past that i
sickens me, the is repeated but in a new light, people come a new on
this and try to make like this is something new,  some of this dates
back to 1987-1988 as far as I am concerned, the graphics no but the text
of things yes, NSA tracking, CIA tracking, FBI tracking, MI-3 tracking,
what ever KGB tracking, Our Aussie friends what is your secret service
spy organization?  They are tracking, those in south and central America
your secret police are tracking, those in Israel your folks are
tracking, the terrorists in the ME deny use of technology at times but
they are tracking and saying that they are not, The Hamas (sp) is
tracking, we are now all being tracked and tagged since the governments
of the world will have injected there special tracking code into this
message since it will have passed there server and be resent a-new to
the board, and they will know how long you took to read it how many
friends you sent it to and they will know if you printed it and gave it
to a friend because the tracking is so special it will make you printer
print an RFID that can be read from the spy satellites, even if you used
a printer that was circa 1984 it will print embed an RFID so they can
track it wherever it goes and yow are busted.  Simply reading this
message or any part of it will implant and RFID in your head so that
they can track you.  The only way to prevent tracking is to make a
helmet out of tin foil and have it on your head at ALL TIMES.  But once
you do that NEVER EVER take the helmet off or a energy bean will be
focused upon you within .2 Milliseconds a and burn you up, spontaneous
human combustion is what it will be it will be called in the news media.
Also if you so much as down loaded this message to your computer they
will know that it was on your computer and you are SOL, if you looked at
the subject line you are sol.  For those of of us in the US if we do not
like what the government is doing try running for a political office...
Maybe you can fix the problem, not voting does not help, I am a democrat
so I will ONLY vote democrat does not help, I am a republican so I will
only vote republican does not help, I hate both parties so I only vote
one of the third parties might help but since voting is what is is that
might not help much either,

Some of those should take you back to stuff that was floating around the
net oh say around 1992 some are new to come up with the modern times.

PS: if you took the time to read all the rhetoric in my block above you
are either being paid to do it, or you are even more bored than I am at
this moment or you are really in need of help especially if you are
getting all excited about the fact that you are being tracked.  If you
are all hot and bothered about the government tracking you based on this
message, please pull out a phone book and look for a good mental health
professional that is legally allowed to prescribe medications.  Bring a
copy of this message to the Doc, let the Doc know that you are all
excited and bothered by this message and the fact that the government is
tracking you because of this message and ask if the Doc can help.  Once
the Doc gives you a prescription RUN DO NOT WALK to the nearest
pharmacy, and start taking the pills as prescribed.

Leif Ericksen <leife () dls net>

Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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