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Re: infosecbofh
From: Stan Bubrouski <stan.bubrouski () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 15:43:51 -0500

On 1/5/06, Joe Average <yahooinsider () gmail com> wrote:
Why are you mentioning n3td3v? This thread is about infosecbofh, please keep

First of all:
"Joe Average to Frank, full-disclosure  11:28 am (4 hours ago)
I guess he got bored of turning netdev into public enemy number one,
to divert attention away from the real guy who is messing up the list,
none other than the guy who has never released any security
vulnerabilities... I present to you...mr infosecbofh...round of

You brought up netdev.  You keep bringing him up, its not the other
way around.  You are netdev and thats whats so fucking annoying.  You
pretend to be someone else to defend yourself.  WE ALL GET IT.

on topic. I don't believe the two XSSing vulnerabilities on Google Groups is
all netdev is responsible for. Look closer into whats going on. Theres a
world of conspriacy out there to be had. Lets not argue amoung ourselfs.

No there isn't a consiracy against you, there is a public outcry for
you to shut up and stop making up false conspiracies about yourself
and your other alias and stop wasting everyone's time.

The Sober.z variant will be attacking tomorrow and speculation that it'll
have a WMF exploit payload is already sweeping the underground. I think we

Why?  Are you suddenly going to claim you're also Nick Fitzgerald, or
that you have a clue because you read daily RSS feeds from Yahoo?

should be concentrating on that kind of thing, than arguing on really low
priorty topics like who is more of a disruption than who on a mailing list.

You pretty much always instigate and drive off topic any thread that
is serious these days, why should you recieve any courtesy?  I mean
you brought up netdev in this thread, I called you on it and now you
claim I brought netdev up.  You're a liar and a kid who still needs to
grow up before he tells his classmates to do the same.

Take care now.

Stay in school.

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