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Re: infosecbofh
From: Joe Average <yahooinsider () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 00:18:44 +0000

Thanks for your worthless rant,

Please confirn to us you're not a bot

Take care now.

On 1/5/06, GroundZero Security <fd () g-0 org> wrote:

lol wow mr joe avarage aka n3td3v turns things around once again.
if you check the thread, you brought yourself up as usually.

are you so busy to talk shit that you cant keep track of what you say ?
yes figures, since all you try is get more hits on your kiddie blog shit.

erm and you still wonder why people bash you ? now come on, you
announced to go "underground" so do that. the only problem is that
nowdays the underground is pretty closed down/private and you have
to actually proove that you know your shit and can code to get
trusted. after all the lameness you started on fulldisclosure, it will be
hard to find anyone that doesnt laugh about you. but hey you should
try to hang with some defacer kids as they think they are the real
underground too and then you can go xss the planet together.

maybe someday you find a php file inclusion vulnerability and feel
damn special as the defacer kidz will think your a real hacker with
0d4y c0d3 !!! you should keep learning about security instead of
beeing such a smart mouth. then in a few years you will see what a
lamer you have been and might be able to laugh about your own stupidity.

then again i doubt you will ever learn anything. people tried to tell you
but all you can do is brag about things even though everyone already knows
that you are nothing but a steam blower. oh and by the way, your little
pathetic try to send me mass mails failed :P setting up a gmail account
with forwarding to my mail account and then register it to all
mailinglists just shows how lame you really are. 1 line added and of
it got blocked of my mailserver and stopped it all. wasnt annoying, just
to see that you are stuck in the early 90s where that may have still

you are outdated :-D oh and another little note - there is no such thing
as a
"yahoo scene" that might be you and your imaginary friend joe avarage.
and dont reply now once again with your standard phrases that we just
be jealous of your xss. it may be a risk, but its nothing special at all.
but you realizes it. xss is the most easy bug to find. i could teach an
ape how
to find xss in 5 minutes, but its a waste of time and even the ape
would get bored.


----- Original Message -----
*From:* Joe Average <yahooinsider () gmail com>
*To:* Stan Bubrouski <stan.bubrouski () gmail com> ;
full-disclosure () lists grok org uk
*Sent:* Thursday, January 05, 2006 9:23 PM
*Subject:* Re: [Full-disclosure] infosecbofh

 Why are you mentioning n3td3v? This thread is about infosecbofh, please
keep on topic. I don't believe the two XSSing vulnerabilities on Google
Groups is all netdev is responsible for. Look closer into whats going on.
Theres a world of conspriacy out there to be had. Lets not argue amoung

The Sober.z variant will be attacking tomorrow and speculation that it'll
have a WMF exploit payload is already sweeping the underground. I think we
should be concentrating on that kind of thing, than arguing on really low
priorty topics like who is more of a disruption than who on a mailing list.

Take care now.

On 1/5/06, Stan Bubrouski <stan.bubrouski () gmail com> wrote:

Oh where to begin...

On 1/5/06, Joe Average <yahooinsider () gmail com > wrote:
I guess he got bored of turning netdev into public enemy number one,

You are n3td3v, and talking in the third person under an assumed
identity just adds to your own turmoil.

divert attention away from the real guy who is messing up the list,

Yep infosecbofh, joe average, n3td3v, etc... are a nuisance, but in
infosecbofh's defense he seems to be using only one email account to
torture his victims.

other than the guy who has never released any security
vulnerabilities... I
present to you...mr infosecbofh...round of applause!

You keep coming back to this but all you ever find is XSS in sites,
not even in products or such.  I'm not putting down what you do, but
you act like its so important and that it makes you more important
even though it doesn't.  Also, its hard to be sympathetic for you
getting picked on when you *clearly* try to instigate situations at
every turn, and when n3td3v isn't mentioned in a thread you bring him
up, and he's you so what can you expect?

Please stop responding to this crap, its no secret you want it to
continue so your name gets more hits on google, but the rest of us
could care less about you or problems with everyone who ever
contradicts you.  Stay in school and shut up.  PLEASE.

Best Regards,


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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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