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Re: Re: what we REALLY learned from WMF
From: wac <waldoalvarez00 () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 13:13:13 -0500


I think it would be good if Microsoft releases patches a la opensource. But
I think since M$ does the whole thing is their decision after all to do it
one way or another. I understand that sometimes is a matter that customers
have no other choice than take things as they decide. The normal answer
would be fine don't use my systems and they would be right on the other side
you can't stop using their systems. Ahhh but then there are other ppl that
realized the whole trick and started to take action since 1995 and will let
you take action too ;). Take a look at this website [
http://www.reactos.com] and start to taste our freedom in an alpha
stage but close to beta. And
yes I hope to get an avalanche with this since I'm tired of huge downloads,
tons of closed information huge amounts of non documented stuff, licensisng
issues, limits on the number of connections no more RAW sockets and a tons
of more stuff that makes a big chain in my neck and tons of other more ppl.
Some of this chains were set up even before I was born. So I guess that I as
a number of more ppl really had no chances. I expect to break them some day
and surely not alone. In that case I could say that maybe I really was alive
and in this world.


On 1/6/06, Matt.Carpenter () alticor com <Matt.Carpenter () alticor com> wrote:

Gadi Evron <ge () linuxbox org> wrote on 01/05/2006 04:53:45 PM:

2. Microsoft decided to jump through a few QA tests this time, and
release a patch.

Why should they be releasing BETA patches?
If they do, maybe they should release BETA patches more often, let those

who want to - use them. It can probably also shorten the testing period
If this patch is not BETA, but things did just /happen/ to progress more

swiftly.. than maybe we should re-visit option #1 above.


Maybe it?s just that we are used to sluggishness. Perhaps it is time we,

as users and clients, started DEMANDING of Microsoft to push things up a



Put in the necessary resources, and release patches within days of first

discovery. I?m willing to live with weeks and months in comparison to
the year+ that we have seen sometimes. Naturally some problems take
longer to fix, but you get my drift.

Way to go, Gadi.  Nicely put.

The opensource guys almost always have different repositories for preview
and testing.  Ubuntu currently has Dapper available for download and the
repositories are available, even though it's not due for release until
April.  Debian has multiple levels of testing platforms, depending on how
insane you happen to be.  On the consumer end, many customers will also
maintain two repositories.  One for production, the other to test what
they're about to push out.

While Microsoft doesn't open their code to the world early, they could
selectively involve key customers which are willing to have a couple of
their PC's run with a different update site.  A
"test.windowsupdate.microsoft.com" if you will (or the SUS equivalent).

Why should the OSS people have all the fun!?  ;)
Or rather, why should the pay-for customers get the shaft when the free
stuff is doing it "More Right".

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