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Re: 2x 0day Microsoft Windows Excel
From: Amit Sharma <amit_juniperind () yahoo co in>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 19:01:00 +0000 (GMT)

  don't you think it would be a good idea if you either post your PoC  with complete details otherwise do not post it. 
I mean from the  "excel_like_hell.swf" demo, I do not see anything that one would infer.  
  I can see that a xls file is created and on opening it (as per the  demo), it makes a registry entry. Now how true is 
this? If you are  posting no more info here they how is it going to help us otherwise  what was the intent of the post?
  - Amit

"ad () heapoverflow com" <ad () heapoverflow com> wrote:  -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
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I have got many questions about the severity of the bug , you can show
a demo yourself here:


ms will fixe this issue soon I'm sure, for me , job done, bye :>

ad () heapoverflow com wrote:
after many hours working on excel I have found a critical excel bug
exploitable. This is not a stack bof nor a heap bof , a bug
extremely hard to find and trigger , but it conduct excel to
execute any arbitrary codes while opening a malicious .xls file.

note: the bug isn't related to both excel dos that I have already
published but shows similiar to a null pointer bug at a first look.
 much infos won't be disclosed publicly or privately and this will
be transmitted to ms before the spyware loosers catch it :)

I have said so this is only null pointer bugs but the way I
trigger the bug might be modded for a remote code execution who
know , I'm not a guru and maybe did an error triggering the
flaw who knows :) but I bet many are already reasearching on
this hehe, happy job!

Let's go on the fast publishing :) I wont bother to message
microsoft about this because they wont patch it for sure
according that they can't patch fully exploitable bugs in a
decent time, they do not patch IE dos
(http://heapoverflow.com/IEcrash.htm), so no way to bother
them, we should let them sleep a bit shhh ;)

Bugs 1 and Bugs 2 are quite similiar but NOT, both are null
pointer bugs . In bug1 you should mod a grafic's pointer to
point to a bad area, and in bug 2 you should null out the size
of the page name.

attached are the 2 pocs, nor here are direct links




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