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Re: Secure Delete for Windows
From: "GroundZero Security" <fd () g-0 org>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 23:47:20 +0100

People who install software on their computers and connect them to 
networks then receive and process incoming data with those computers and 
said software do not want security, we just want full disclosure of the 
risks that we expose ourselves to by engaging in such unsafe behavior.

why do people run firewalls,IDS or Anti Virus ? no they dont care about security,
they just want to know whats the name of the virus that just hit their box, or see
who may just be accessing their system as obviously noone is trying to be secure.
you really made me realize all i need is full disclosure! who needs patches as long
as you know what is vulnerable. why patch at least you KNOW whats buggy, right?

If you're going to be part of the problem rather than part of the 
solution, if you intend to join the ranks of the self-interested 
software vendors who refuse to disclose the risk factors of installing 
and using your products, and also refuse to disclose the source code so 
that we can compile the code ourselves and therefore at least know where 
our machine code came from and what its source looks like, then you're 
the one who needs to stfu and go promptly out of business before you 
hurt somebody.

oh oh i'm hurting people by not releasing the source! damn i'm so sorry!
so any vendor that doesnt go open source is evil in your opinion ?
well if you are so afraid you should start to code and write all the software
that you need yourself.  

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