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RE: PC Firewall Choices
From: "Greg" <full-disclosure2 () pchandyman com au>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 10:56:12 +1100

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Subject: Re: [Full-disclosure] PC Firewall Choices

On 1/17/06, Greg <full-disclosure2 () pchandyman com au> wrote:

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ZoneAlarm - gets in the way, and hard to diagnose 
problems. You end 
up turning it off because it never remembers your 
settings and you 
can't trust it.

Rubbish. Sure it gets in the way. It is MEANT to get in the way. If 
you close it down, it is likely because you don't know how to drive 
it. The prog CAN be a little hard to newbies to understand 
if you want 
to go internet banking etc but people on this list ought to 
know how 
to handle it.

Getting in your way as opposed to letting you get work done 
are two different things. Kerio does a great job of popping 
up and explaining what is happening while I've seen more 
people confused by ZA and its dialogs

No, we've turned ZA off as web sites or programs won't load 
(Ciscoworks, nGenius, etc) and even though we've checked the 
logs of ZA, nothing shows as being blocked. Turn it off and 
everything magically works. I will never run the bloat that is ZA.

As I said - if you don't know how to drive it, that will happen. It is
variable enough, if you want to use it that is, to allow you to work at any
web site the way you want.....either Pro or Free versions, BTW.

Talk about trust, I don't trust the logging capability of ZA 
at all due to examples like the above. While I enjoy your 
rant to the choir about not trusting programs, my point is 
that ZA doesn't show everything while it is actively blocking 

Did I say I trusted it? I said I loved it as it does a good job of that at
least. It also shows so-called security professionals at installations that
their belief in harware based protection is just ridiculous.

There was no rant from me no preaching to the choir. I guess maybe I stated
the bleedingly obvious but then it isnt so obvious to everyone no doubt.

To each their own! As you can see Steven, you should just 
download each one and spend about a week fussing around.

- Nic.

I agree with that but I would also like to point out that whatever you
choose, if you don't feel your knowledge is up to it, then you need to read,
read and read some more all over the place. Find out every little droplet of
info you can about what people have done, found etc with the program of your
choice. You may find the program you like because it is so user friendly is
not up to scratch while the one that "gets in the way" may suit you better
depending on what you want it for once you learn how to drive the damned

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