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RE: can a brother get some disclosure?
From: "Edward Pearson" <Ed () unityitservices co uk>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 11:23:23 -0000

Ok, you're speaking english, but the message just isn't getting accross.
Think grammer. Clearly you're trying to boot Windows Vista/XP on the
Intel Mac and claim $3000+ for yourself.
Well my good sir, don't be so lazy, we're not going to work to win you a
competition. Especailly when (I assume) it'll have taken most people a
while to decipher what the hell you are talking about.
As far was the EDI goes, we're in a catch 22 with the Windows boot.
EFI won't boot MBR (El Torito, UDF) records, nor will it even recognise
them. You can get windows install as far as "Press any key to boot from
the CD" by copying the kernel + data to a HD/USB. But after that it'll
die because it can't see the install CD.
The options? Edit the Vista/XP kernel to boot + install from a HD
partition (Good luck), or mod the EDI so it can reconise UDF or El
Torito (Good luck). So basically, you don't have a fucking chance.
Bye now!


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Subject: [Full-disclosure] can a brother get some disclosure?

Hi all, 
I'm sure you're aware that there is a new Intel iMac out there. Can we
get some info on the system boot sequence to be certain that the EFI
module is in no way 'blessed' by the TPM module prior to initialization?
I have only one box to give, and while I'm interested in having this
issue fully disclosed, I am unable to utilize this machine for this
purpose, in that I'm offering it up as a sacrificial Universal Binary
lamb. I feel the community is best served by having solid well coded,
software running in OS X. Rather than attempting to do both, and serve
neither purpose, I'm putting it to full-disclosurati to out the boot
process in all steps, keep in mind there's a bounty for this fun and
frivolity with a 17" piece of plastic! It's growing all the time!

Thanks in advance,

Sean Swayze

When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains,
however improbable, must be the truth. 
-Sherlock Holmes

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