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RE: I stole code
From: "Randall M" <randallm () fidmail com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 18:12:12 -0600

You forgot to say "Simon Says" so it don't count.

Thank You 
Randall M  


"You too can have your very own Computer!" 

Note: Side effects include: 
Blue screens; interrupt violation; 
illegal operations; remote code 
exploitations; virus and malware infestations; 
and other unknown vulnerabilities. 


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[Subject: [Full-disclosure] I stole code
[my name is Simon, founder of segfault.ch and wireless-bern.ch 
[In this mail i want to admit that i copyed other people's code. 
[I took code, edited the headers and printfs,  removed the real 
[author's name and added my own. Almost all codes and papers on 
[my Site (http://www.segfault.ch) were written by some else.
[The only thing that came from me were the segfault.ch ASCII 
[and the printfs with my name.
[llfe.c by Danny from:
[shellcodes (connectback-x86-fbsd.c, dumb-portbind-x86-fbsd.c,
[        portbind-x86-fbsd.c, shellspawn-x86-fbsd.c) by fli from:
[iwconfig-local-r00t-sploit.c by qnix from:
[shoutcast_expl.c by crash-x from:
[Remote.doc from:
[b0f_11.txt from:
[Even the design of http://simon.segfault.ch was stolen and on my site i
["Welcome to the official Website of Simon Moser. My major 
[focus is to search for common security vulnerabilities and 
[Reverse engineering.  On my Website, you will find Software 
[and Papers, which were released by me. They should provide you 
[with knowledge and the ability to check for security problems. 
[Nevermind, I am a fucking god at computers, so do not test me bitch!"
[Yes, most things were released by me, but they were not mine. 
[And of course I'm not a god in computers, but rather a god in 
[stealing code.
[I want to apologise to everyone, who I stole from. And I want 
[to thank the people who got me back to earth and reality from 
[the heaven.
[My recommendations to all are:
[Don't publish your exploits! There are too many people like me!
[Beat all code thiefs up!
[Regards, Simon <Zodiac> Moser

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