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Re: people
From: n3td3v <n3td3v () gmail com>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 09:44:30 +0100

On 6/4/06, tom thurgo <tomthurgo () gmail com> wrote:
Dear active participants!

Please don't feed the trolls (1).

I beg you.

[insert name here] will just reply to all your emails and continue if he is
given space to express himself. Please delete the emails and IGNORE them to
make this list readable.

If you feel like replying/flamling/wasting (YOUR OWN) time please do it

This applies to any troll, not just a particular one.

Thank you,
Tom Thurgo

1, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll

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It is of course the people who reply to my announcements calling me or
the group a moron who are the troll.

All I had done was tell a mailing list I had a Microsoft Live OneCare
zero-day and told people where to find the vulnerability and exploit
code. Of course the n3td3v bashers (The trolls) who replied to this in
a rude manner are the ones who spoil FD. n3td3v isn't the troll or the
one ruining the list, its the n3td3v bashers who want to say how lame
n3td3v and the n3td3v group is are the trolls.

People (The trolls) can't deal with n3td3v and the n3td3v group being
one of the biggest groups around. They want to try and discredit
everything n3td3v does. They want to call us kiddies, they want to say
we're only 18 years old, they want to say anything to make sure no one
takes us seriously, so they post replies to our announcements to
provoke us into replying, and we do reply, if only to defend our
stance as the biggest security group around (which we are).

The next time we announce something on the list, we would love it if
no one replied, we don't want n3td3v basher trolls onFD as much as
anyone else. We don't say call us morons and flood FD with comments
about n3td3v announcements, post troll weblinks for wikipedia and
flood FD with lets moderate FD messages, its other people.

The original n3td3v announcements are always on topic and talk about a
vulnerability we're discovered or a rant about a security related
current affair we feel strongly on, this is allowed by the charter,
this is on topic this is what FD is for, this is what we do.

It is not trolling, again, the trolls are the n3td3v bashers, the ones
who don't believe there is a n3td3v group (because all they can see
from the surface is one person and a google group, maybe the idea of
'underground' passed them by, who knows).

The google group isn't the 'underground' group we talk about. The
google group is of course what it is, a central hub of open news
sources for people to connect to and read whats going on, via public
data communications. (While this may seem a group, it isn't 'the'
group. when we talk about 'n3td3v is the biggest underground group on
the internet today', that is of course underground not the google
group, it is something you cannot see, and cannot understand, because
its out of the reach of the public.

We're a group of home and corporate users who get together to discuss
security and hacking and look at ways to beat the bad guys into
breaking into corporate infrastructure (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) and
report this to vendors and sometimes to the security community.

Low level vulnerabilities are sent to public lists (FD) like
cross-site scripting, while anything 'critical' or 'high risk' stays
between our 'underground' group (not the google group) and the vendor.

Apart from special circumstances like Microsoft's OneCare who we
disagree with them making money from their own software flaws.

(the biggest troll, according to fd!)

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