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From: rek2 GNU/Linux LO LO LO <rek2 () binaryfreedom info>
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 16:39:37 -0400

trust me I live here for 10 years in Boston and people  in the US mostly
in Indiana is the most fascist and patriotic people I ever seen in my
life! I try to take it as a good thing but sometimes it just to much
reminds me to much to
obscure fascist goverments from the pass...

**runs away and hide***

ninjadaito () hushmail com wrote:
Yep!  There you go now!

Right there is the perfect example of the ignorant, ugly American.

You had best start examining your own history a little more closely
Paul, and stop believing everything your Government and the
complicit American media tells you.

The sooner that you and the rest of your patriotic right-wing trash
wake up, the better off the rest of the world will be.


On Fri, 13 Oct 2006 01:51:05 +1000 Paul Schmehl
<pauls () utdallas edu> wrote:
--On Thursday, October 12, 2006 11:13:44 -0400 y0himba
<y0himba () technolounge org> wrote:


I was surprised.  I would have thought someone of your
intelligence would
be above common low-brow racism and insults.  Racism is
Racism is for pathetic, no life Internet punks trying to get
and appear cool to people they will never meet.

Today American people suffer from fear of anyone who appears
Arab or
Middle Eastern in appearance.  This fear is induced by
government and
media.  I am a Lebanese American, born and raised here.  My
and assorted relatives came over "on the boat" so to speak.  We
are all
Middle Eastern in appearance and ancestry.  When 9/11 happened,
I had to
deal with bricks through my windows, death threats to myself, my
wife and our darker skinned children, and the killing of our
family pet
dog. My Grandparents and Parents went though the death threats
and broken
windows, and the police refused to place a car outside the home
whatever reason.

I'm not suffering from any such fear.  I don't know anyone who is.
I am,
however, determined to not allow some 14th century idiots,
infected with a
most virulent strain of anti-semitism and a profound admiration
for Hitler
and infested with a salacious love of murder (that is exercised
on their own people!) to control me or my country or any other
country for
that matter.

May we assume that you would condemn equally the racism that is so
in the mideast as you do the racism that exists in America?  What
those who cloak themselves in the flag of Islam while outrageously

violating its most basic tenets?  Will you condemn them as well?

Paul Schmehl (pauls () utdallas edu)
Adjunct Information Security Officer
The University of Texas at Dallas

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