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From: "Nick Oliver" <nwoliver () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 08:12:14 -0500

Another interesting fact.  While Paul and I, the neocon barbarian Ugly
American right wing trash that we are, attempt to pass on information in a
thoughtful and civilized manner, the more enlightened, liberal,
free-thinking and rightous members of this list find it necessary to use
foul language and personal insults to get their points across.

That's beyond hilarious.  The UN is a corrupt, useless organization that
rapes helpless children in Africa and stands idly by while terrorists blow
up innocent people.  I'd like nothing more than to kick them out of our
country and use their building for something worthwhile.  France seems
like a good location.  They're masters at talking and doing nothing.

Well said Paul.  I agree.  Which of you fine, high minded people out there
want to take on the corrupt, useless, resource sucking organization that is
the UN?  Pay their bills, provide them with office space, housing and
diplomatic immunity?

On 10/13/06, joshua () nave ws <joshua () nave ws> wrote:

All right fuck face, I'm an American, i do not think that the current
war is right. I KNOW we had no right, only the means, and the
opportunity to produce ill-conceived evidence for abstract reasoning. I
love America, i just hate what she has become.

To the guy about the American Indians, and the blacks or whatever, go
hug a tree and sue McDonald's over some hot coffee.

To the rest of you with some decency and sense, just remember we got a
couple more years of this bull shit, and then its up to you again.

To the rest of the world, sorry about bush, i didn't vote fer em = /

some idiot

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