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From: "Dude VanWinkle" <dudevanwinkle () gmail com>
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 22:15:32 -0400

On 10/13/06, Turgut Baumann <t_baumann () gmx net> wrote:
Welcome to RACISM FULL-DISCLOSURE. What was this list supposed to be? An
Chatbox for Stupid White american male, with their "CNN-view-of-life",
stupid nazi scum, with the old, lame arguments about jews, colored
people and the true "Herrenrasse", stupid drama queens (hello n3td3v,
who are you, by the way?)? To all of these - READ A FUCKING BOOK! (
Manuals don't count!) To the rest - have a nice day.

Actually, I spoke offline with several noisemakers (netdev, the guy
who sent out the furry pr0n, and myself (jk)) a few months ago to
confirm a suspicion of mine.

In a majority of cases, the thoughts opined are not even supported by
the author. (some of)  the writers are of the opinion that people
shouldnt be patching software, releasing 0 days, or helping others on
this list with their understanding of information security. There are
many reasons for this, and I am sure I could mention some of the more
embarrassing ones, but that wouldnt get us anywhere, but I digress.

The reason for some of the offensive noise and massive trolls on FD is
the culprits want to drive legitimate security professionals away from
this list.

As pointed out by previous posts in this thread, FD disseminates
information faster than most other mailing lists. Sometimes,
information shows up here that is then forwarded to the other lists.
The price you have to pay for this info? You have moderate for

I know some people who have successfully cut out all the noise by
junking all mail from gmail accounts. As this email helps to point
out, that will reduce a lot of the noise ;-)


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