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Re: [funsec] Who is n3td3v?
From: Gadi Evron <ge () linuxbox org>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 17:27:35 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 20 Oct 2006, Dr. Neal Krawetz wrote:
On Fri Oct 20 15:49:53 2006, Gadi Evron wrote:

Cool article, but n3td3v is not gobbles. For one, easy analysis shows he
is English.


Thanks Gadi.

However, I'm going to call you on this:
1. What "easy analysis" are you using?
   I listed my approaches.  If you are using a different approach, I'd
   like to hear what it is.  (I'm not trying to be argumentative -- I
   want to learn.)

2. You said, "n3td3v is not gobbles".
   Do you know for a fact that n3td3v is not Gobbles Security?
   Or is this an interpretation?
   If you know for a fact, then how do you know?

On 1-Sep-2006, a new person controlling the n3td3v account appeared.
He is likely English/Brit (based on the topics he posted).  But I did not
see enough text to analyze.
The older n3td3v postings were by 3 people, not one person.
(And primarily by three people -- a few postings were ambiguous and could
indicate more people.)

1. He speaks Real English.
2. He mentions UK currency.
3. He said as much, speaking of UK issues.
4. He gave his real name.

Your analysis is amazing, and shows how these things should be done. But
misses that much. Gobbles was about fun, n3td3v took himself seriously
rather than just his goal of making the world a better place.

Aside to that, yes, I know. But as I can't mention how, it's silly for me
to stick to anything but the above.

From the UK. Highly likely from the North of England or Scotland.

Did you ever talk to n3td3v or ask him? Behind all that posted, he really
seems like a good guy with good intentions.

Your analysis really is good, but it comes to no conclusions. I want to
advoid the "yes he is" "no he isn't" discussion that's to follow. View my
comments as "opinion".

Why idolize people?


Neal Krawetz, Ph.D.
Hacker Factor Solutions
Author of "Introduction to Network Security" (Charles River Media, 2006)

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