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Re: Fallacies on Truths in Caller ID scam
From: "J. Oquendo" <sil () infiltrated net>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 07:39:16 -0500

Getting back to some points here...

So with let's say a vendor getting back to me on a problem I have, let the company be Dell for this example. Dell has 
their outsourced vendor from Ralwapindi India or somewhere in the vicinity call me, my caller ID shows 1800GO2DELL, in 
this scenario either way you want to cut it, Dell is circumventing the "Truth in Caller ID Act". 

As for telco's doing what they do greasing pockets, this has gone down since the evolution of business, money talks BS 
walks bottom line.

Vladis to further iterate on your fallacious point: 

The prosecutor can charge *each and every person involved* who is both"

a) within the US and
b) took an identifiable action which lead to the event.

Let's create SpoofmyCallerIDforKicks.com and make a call (abbreviate the site to SCK.com for this example):

Spoofer(2125551212) --> SCK.com --> CallReceiver (4085551212)

SCK.com (posts call via Asterisk) --> routes through Russia to Level3 --> through Verizon --> through BellSouth --> 

SCK is in the Moldovia absolved from US laws. Should BellSouth bear the burden of the illegal action? This is what your 
statement is telling me. BellSouth, Verizon and Level3 are all to blame and since they cannot prosecute SCK being 
they're outside of US laws, you're inferring the US government can/will/should/have_the_option_to go after those 
responsible. Either way you want to cut this, Verizon, BellSouth and Level3 are as much to blame for not taking the 
proper checks.

Just something for though...

J. Oquendo
sil infiltrated . net http://www.infiltrated.net

"How a man plays the game shows something of his
character - how he loses shows all" - Mr. Luckey 

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