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n3td3v to attend blackhat / defcon ???
From: "HACK THE GOV" <hackthegov () googlemail com>
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 02:17:29 +0100

[22:52] <not_nnm> it's almost harder to use Dreamweaver than a text editor
[22:52] <not_nnm> so much time lost frmo clicking around int he menus :P
[22:54] <not_nnm> but sure it's got its benefits also :p
[22:57] <zeedo> <p></p><p>yeh</p><p>it has</p><p> it's
[22:57] <zeedo> :-P
[23:00] <w0rried> l0l
[23:00] <w0rried> yep
[23:01] <not_nnm> well you can still work on the code directly :P
[23:01] <w0rried> they made me use that shit at college but i kept using a
text editor and pretending i used dreamwaever
[23:01] <njan> Eben Moglen coming to Scotland
[23:01] <zeedo> njan: when and for what ?
[23:01] <w0rried> it was a dreamwaver course but i still wanted to cheat
witha text editor lol :D
[23:01] <njan> zeedo, talky type stuff
[23:01] <njan> zeedo, for debconf
[23:01] * Joins: Dark3Lite (i=Dark3Lit () unaffiliated/dark3lite)
[23:02] <zeedo> oh debconf, makes sense
[23:02] <njan> ah, no, wait, that's bollocks
[23:02] <njan> <incoming spam>
[23:02] <njan> This is a heads-up: Eben Moglen, the lawyer behind the GPL
family of
[23:02] <njan> licenses, defender of our liberties and so on and so forth
will be in
[23:02] <njan> Scotland briefly this month, in conjunction with the Scottish
Faculty of
[23:02] <njan> Advocates.
[23:02] <njan> Venue TBA - it will be in the evening in central Edinburgh
but it will
[23:02] <njan> take a few days to confirm exactly where. But note this in
your diaries.
[23:02] <w0rried> debcon, is that like defcon but modified :D
[23:02] <njan> w0rried, no, it's the debian conference.
[23:03] <njan> w0rried, it's in Edinburgh this year.
[23:03] <w0rried> i know ppl who are going to that in real life
[23:03] <njan> Yeah, me.
[23:03] <w0rried> nah ppl from my high profile security course
[23:04] <njan> s/high profile/overhyped/
[23:04] <zeedo> you're talking about defcon or debconf ?
[23:04] <zeedo> w0rried.
[23:04] <njan> better not be defcon.
[23:04] <w0rried> s/home office/mi5/overhyped
[23:04] <njan> I hear real twats are speaking this time around.
[23:04] <njan> w0rried, your syntax fails, that made no sense.
[23:05] <zeedo> it has very little to do with the home office or MI5
[23:05] <w0rried> my course does
[23:05] <zeedo> in what way ?
[23:05] <njan> It really doesn't.
[23:05] <w0rried> its very mi5'y
[23:05] <zeedo> bearing in mind I know what course you are on
[23:05] <njan> No, it really isn't.
[23:06] <njan> Like I've said before, what I do is far more interesting to
MI5 than what you do.
[23:06] <njan> And I'm almost certain MI5 don't give a shit about me.
[23:06] <w0rried> but because we're both on bsrf then we're both equally
[23:07] <njan> I doubt MI5 give a flying fuck about BSRF eitherl
[23:07] <njan> s/rl/r/
[23:07] <zeedo> you over estimate MI5's interests
[23:07] <njan> and manpower.
[23:07] <zeedo> they're struggling with the really important stuff just now
[23:08] <w0rried> lets start typing keywords and make them interested in
[23:08] <zeedo> w0rried: did you say you know people that are going to
defcon or you are going to defcon ?
[23:08] <zeedo> or debconf ?
[23:09] <w0rried> hackers who i speak to in real life are going to the
debian con in edinburgh, i won't be there, so ur agents don't need to
coordinate their efforts to go there and spot me int he crowd
[23:10] <zeedo> I don;t have agents, lots of people I know are going IRL, a
lot of the guys from my company are going
[23:10] <zeedo> I might be hanging around for it, haven't decided yet
[23:10] <zeedo> going to Blackhat though
[23:10] <w0rried> where is it, i might go? :P
[23:10] <zeedo> where it always is
[23:10] <zeedo> Vegas
[23:10] <w0rried> no debian con
[23:11] <njan> zeedo, I'll be at debconf for at least a day.
[23:11] <zeedo> oh that's in Edinburgh
[23:11] <njan> zeedo, some of the freenode staff are going.
[23:11] <w0rried> WHere in ednburgh
[23:11] <zeedo> I dont know if I'll go, havent really looked at it much
[23:11] <njan> zeedo, do.
[23:11] <njan> zeedo, come with me and install vista on your laptop.
[23:11] <w0rried> where in edinburgh
[23:12] <njan> w0rried, we should introduce you to these new fangled search
engine things.
[23:12] <w0rried> i dont use government funded search engine things
[23:13] <njan> w0rried, sucks to be you.
[23:13] <w0rried> if i wanted to tell mi5 about my search trends, i'd write
them a letter
[23:13] <zeedo> w0rried: if you do go to either debconf or defcon let me
know, I'll stalk^W meet you ;-)
[23:13] * Parts: zeedo (n=zeedo () reboot-robot net) ("http://reboot-robot.net
[23:13] * Quits: Dark3Lite (i=Dark3Lit () unaffiliated/dark3lite) (Success)
[23:14] * Joins: zeedo (n=zeedo () reboot-robot net)
[23:14] <njan> zeedo, MI5 /parting you from channels again?
[23:14] <zeedo> heh ^W doesn't work in xchat :-P it closes the tab
[23:14] <w0rried> tell me the location of the debian con and i will make
sure im htere
[23:14] <njan> w0rried, no. Use a damn search engine.
[23:14] <w0rried> just to meet bsrf folks
[23:14] <w0rried> not because i like debian linux
[23:15] <zeedo> come to defcon it will be more fun, come with your high
profile security friends
[23:15] <w0rried> u know who i am on the inernational stage dont u?
[23:16] <njan> w0rried, some dude most people at defcon would throw eggs at
if they knew who you were?
[23:16] <w0rried> they would prolly do more than that yeh
[23:16] <zeedo> so you should come, it would be fun
[23:16] <w0rried> so FUND me, beotch
[23:16] <w0rried> i'm not scared
[23:17] <zeedo> can't afford to Im afraid
[23:17] <w0rried> i would be in vegas straight away if someone gave me the
[23:17] <zeedo> someone gave me the cash :-)
[23:17] <njan> zeedo, the people who run the conference? :P
[23:18] <zeedo> :-D
[23:18] <w0rried> if i e-mailed the right ppl in the security industry they
would get me there
[23:18] <w0rried> but i'm too lazy
[23:20] <w0rried> the u.s government pay over 30,000 dollars for one remote
exploitable flaw, so i think they getting me to blackhat or defcon is well
within their price range
[23:20] <njan> w0rried, so do it.
[23:20] <njan> w0rried, less talk, more do.
[23:21] * Joins: bitchez_ (n=htp () c-24-20-144-66 hsd1 mn comcast net)
[23:21] * Quits: bitchez (n=htp () c-24-20-144-66 hsd1 mn comcast net) (Read
error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[23:21] <zeedo> the u.s government ?
[23:21] <w0rried> http://www.securityfocus.com/news/11468
[23:21] <zeedo> you'd have to be more specific to an agency than that
[23:22] <zeedo> some of them will pay a fair bit of cash, some of them won't
[23:22] <njan> zeedo, no, dude. Dubya pays for n3td3v.
[23:22] <w0rried> ;)
[23:22] <not_nnm> the russian mob is the right way to go xD
[23:22] <w0rried> i can't believe u typed that alias in plain text
[23:23] <w0rried> we're NSA'd now forget MI5'd
[23:23] <not_nnm> well I would care if I found zerodays, but I don't =(
[23:23] <not_nnm> then again i wouldn't type it here if I did
[23:24] <not_nnm> yeah, they probably already have ppl in #selinux :p
[23:26] <not_nnm> oh shit I need sleep
[23:26] * Quits: not_nnm (n=nnm () unaffiliated/noname) ("leaving")
[23:26] <zeedo> w0rried: I'll send out the mail to FD for you, gather your
fans together get you to Vegas
[23:26] <zeedo> sort of like "free kevin", but even more lame
[23:27] <zeedo> :-)
[23:27] <w0rried> go for it as long as you don't give out w0rried
[23:27] <w0rried> or anything else
[23:27] <w0rried> and dont mention bsrf, ull have every
kiddie/hacker/researcher.gov i  the planet in here
[23:27] <zeedo> it was a joke, but making the w0rried link is something I
wouldn't do
[23:28] <w0rried> it shouldnt be a joke, do it
[23:28] <w0rried> l0l
[23:29] <zeedo> start a paypal donation site
[23:29] <njan> seriously do.
[23:29] <w0rried> once they fund me ill put u on the defcon guestlist
[23:29] <zeedo> you could give a free box of eggs to anyone that donates to
an appropriate level :-P
[23:29] <w0rried> ull get in for free
[23:30] <njan> w0rried, zeedo is speaking at defcon.
[23:30] <w0rried> seriously, i _would_ be funded
[23:30] <zeedo> no Im not
[23:30] <zeedo> Im speaking at Blackhat :-P
[23:30] <njan> zeedo, wtf, no you're not, you lie.
[23:30] <w0rried> everyone who goes to defcon whos over 25 goes to blackhat
anyway cos its int eh same week
[23:30] <njan> zeedo, my incredibly bad memory can't be wrong. :P
[23:31] <w0rried> i'm like 26 nearly 27
[23:31] <w0rried> lol
[23:31] <zeedo> w0rried: that's entirely the point, they wre scheduled like
that deliberately
[23:32] <zeedo> but I still havent decided wether to stay on for defcon yet
or not
[23:32] <w0rried> stay on? defcon is first
[23:32] <w0rried> isnt it?
[23:32] <zeedo> uhh, no it isn't
[23:33] <zeedo> Blackhat is always first
[23:33] <w0rried> well gadi evronw as at defcon and got a picture beside
morning_wood last year
[23:33] <w0rried> so  alot of big guys goto defcon as well even tho tis a
wash with the kiddie elite
[23:34] <zeedo> yeh I know, thats the point of scheduling them back to back
[23:35] <zeedo> heh gadi doesn't like me that much, because I called him an
idiot :-P
[23:35] <w0rried> there is so much media  interest in me i would prolly be
given my own press conference
[23:39] <w0rried> he was an idiot at first amoung most folks, but he is
steadily getting credibility amoung the internet based security community
[23:40] <njan> He's building publicity for himself.
[23:40] <njan> I'm not sure about getting credibility,
[23:40] <w0rried> but thats just the process of vetting his credibility is
the reason he got hard stick on mailing lists in the beginning
[23:41] <w0rried> he is getting media attention all over the place at the mo
[23:41] <w0rried> hes had u.s radio interviews and other stuff
[23:42] <w0rried> the government are aware of everyone who posts on the big
lists but hes now gaining ground as a credible advisor for bot net issues
[23:43] <w0rried> when he started commenting on the russia estonia security
incident he really put himself on the world stage
[23:43] <w0rried> but thats jsut my opinion
[23:43] <zeedo> "commenting"
[23:45] <zeedo> I don't mind gadi, but credibility isn't something I'd say
he has to be honest
[23:45] <njan> I'm sure he's a decent guy, but he talks bollocks.
[23:45] <w0rried> yeah he does a lot of commenting on fun sec, he was even
scared to comment on the incident without government advisors advising him
what should be said incase it got picked up by the major news outlets
[23:45] <njan> His comments on the wpad vulnerability on dailydave were
downright stupid.
[23:46] <w0rried> i havent seen that, i just look at my own news pull at
groups.google.com/group/n3td3v and see whats on there at the time i happen
to look
[23:47] <w0rried> dailydave is part of the n3td3v news wire tho so it will
be on there if i search the archive
[23:47] <zeedo> w0rried: find something he's actually done
[23:47] <zeedo> which isn't a post about someone elses work
[23:48] <w0rried> according to what i know he is envolved behidn the scenes
with dismantling bot nets
[23:48] <zeedo> I've had technical conversations with gadi and it was
frustrating as it was obvious he had no clue about the technology he was
commenting on
[23:50] <w0rried> he worked for the israeli governemtn so he must know
something lol
[23:50] <zeedo> uhhh what sort of logic is that ?
[23:50] <njan> w0rried, assumptions that invariably wind up causing you to
make mistakes.
[23:50] <zeedo> Ive worked with current and ex-government employees of a
nunmber of countries
[23:50] <njan> w0rried, I run across people all the time in positions that
one would assume should have some sort of clue, and don't.
[23:50] <zeedo> that credential didn;t gurantee competency
[23:52] <w0rried> zeedo, are u known as zeedo with people if i mention your
[23:52] <zeedo> really depends who you're going to mention it to, if it's my
mum, then no
[23:53] <w0rried> i don't even know who you are
[23:53] <njan> /whois zeedo
[23:53] <w0rried> what kinda age group am i dealing with
[23:53] <zeedo> my identity is not a secret, I don't hide
[23:53] <njan> mine isn't either.
[23:55] <w0rried> so speak about yourselfs
[23:55] <w0rried> the government want to know
[23:55] <njan> the government either don't care, or know already.
[23:56] <njan> probably the former.
[23:56] <zeedo> i dont generally speak about myself purely for the sake of
[23:56] <zeedo> but the government have all the information they want on me
for now
[23:56] <w0rried> i dont mean the stuff you write down in forms :P
[23:56] <zeedo> neither do I :-)
[23:57] <w0rried> i guess zeedo is a least in his 30's, but everytime i do
that ppl are a lot younger
[23:58] <njan> zeedo's actually 15.
[23:58] <w0rried> no hes not
[23:58] <njan> he's a student from Hull.
[23:58] <w0rried> 15?
[23:58] <w0rried> njan is about 45 then
[23:58] <zeedo> you should be able to get my age, my full name and my phone
number without too much trouble
[23:58] <w0rried> i told ya i dont use google aka the u.s government
[23:59] <njan> omgz.. *prank calls zeedo*
[23:59] <zeedo> you dont need google
[23:59] * Joins: Nitrate (n=lx () cuscon3673 tstt net tt)
[23:59] <zeedo> you could get all but my age without using a search engine
[23:59] <w0rried> im not telepathic
[23:59] <zeedo> I think you'd have to use a search engine for that one fact,
full name and phone number, not so hard
[00:00] <w0rried> so i can pass ur info onto the intercept guys in london?
[00:00] <w0rried> to tap ur telecomunications
[00:00] <Nitrate> omg not these conspiracy theories again!
[00:00] <zeedo> if they wanted to do that they'd already have found the
[00:01] <zeedo> none of that information is kept secret by me
[00:01] <w0rried> but you won't talk about it here
[00:01] <zeedo> oh I will and I have
[00:01] <w0rried> i only asked your age
[00:01] <zeedo> I'm just not doing it at the moment, since I know you can
find it out quite easily
[00:01] <bitchez_> CACKS
[00:01] <zeedo> Im 25
[00:02] <w0rried> i'm 26
[00:02] <w0rried> njan is..... 45
[00:03] <zeedo> heh, not quite
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