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Re: n3td3v says second internet exists
From: Kradorex Xeron <admin () digibase ca>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 21:24:33 -0400

Okay, I have a few points I would like to make (assuming if this is true, 
which I doubt as it is technologically possible to properly implement):

1. The Internet is not owned or run by a single government therefore This is 
impossible to implement successfully and properly.The Internet as we know it 
cannot be controlled by a single government. The Internet as we know it is a 
de-centralized entity, with no "central network" that controls it all.

2. This current Internet (aka The former ARPAnet) has something We like to 
call "Redundancy" and Since the Internet (ARPAnet) is de-centralized, there 
is no real method of "attacking the Internet", you can only attack nodes of 
the internet, as you take down one link, another comes up to service, take 
down that link, and yet another comes about. The Internet is more complex 
than having bunch of home routers linked with single links peered between 
each other.

3. "Switching people over" and "With new protocols" - hm.. What could go wrong 
here... people's computers failing to being able to communicate with 
this "new Internet" because of incompatible protocols as well as operating 
systems... as well as what would be done to prevent 'crap' from the "old 
internet" from "leaking over"? 

I suggest stop doning a tin foil hat every time people "think of a plan", 
Especially those without a clue (i.e. cororate execs and government)

My appologies to the list for increasing the noise end of the SNR of the list.

On Saturday 16 June 2007 16:18, HACK THE GOV wrote:
 secret information regarding second internet  Reader post by: n3td3v
Posted on: June 15, 2007, 6:14 AM PDT
Story: Coming attractions for history's first

the government are building a second internet incase this one goes down.

not only is the second internet being built incase the first one gets
attaced, infact the government plan to eventually switch everyone over to
the second internet because its being built with security in mind.

the problem with the first internet is, its not very secure and from the
governments point of view not very well designed for counter-terrorism
eaves dropping.

new protocols and processes are being developed on the new internet which
will be exclusively used by the u.s government until the roll out in 20 to
30 years time, although the u.s government will cut that public release
timeline if a major breakdown of the internet occurs through cyberattacks.

in high level meetings with corporate america officials, technical details
of how to let corporate security experts switch over to the highly
classified second internet project in time of national emergency was

all parties involved in talks have signed documents to stop them talking
about it in pub;lic, although details of the second internet have been
obtained by international hackers, who have become firmilar with the

documents containing the plans for the second internet were downloaded off
government computer networks by underground hackers, and therefore the
information regarding the second internet project have been leaked.

it is unclear how far on in development the project is, due to the papers
obtained by illegal authorised entry into u.s government networks was not
marked as the same time period as when the papers of the plans were
obtained by the illegal means of international hackers.

in private the government are trying not to talk about cyber attacks too
much so not to over talk the risk to national government and e-commerce
interests, but in truth they are only too aware of the threat to their own
communications and anti missle systems, therefore a second highly
classified internet was advised by top level whitehosue advisors who have
consulted with cyber security experts in classified meetings with
government officals.

the saftey net known as the second internet may save america from certain
national economic disaster and attacks to u.s army defense systems in a
time of real world war when nuclear and cyber attacks are likely to happen.



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