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Month Of Hackerrats Bugs
From: snitches <snitches () footard com>
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 08:58:08 -0500

Following suit to the "month of" bugs - we are pleased to announce the disclosures of cooperating snitches liars and 
conmen in the industry. We present our second Hackerrat with an eye opening Jericho

Jericho (Brian Martin) and his cohorts at the website Attrition were at one time mining hacker information for the FBI. 
They will swear they didn%u2019t an offer a barrage of verbally crafted nonsense to deter the truth about their 
actions, but we know better. This information or (Disinformation) comes via an earlier write up on the Hackerrat 
terrorist known as Mark Maiffret and eEye Security.

So how does Jericho tie into eEye anyway? Simple he does so via way of Dale Coddington aka Punkis who worked at eEye. 
Snitches of a feather flock together. See it worked like this, once upon a time there was #dc-stuff, no wait, some may 
not be ready for that. krystlia, malvu and other miscreants

. Anynow there was Brian Martin hacking the NYTimes as HFG. (don%u2019t worry Martin, I believe the US has a statute of 
limitations). Never to be discovered perhaps because Adam Penenburg would never disclose it, and perhaps because Martin 
had some decent friends like Carole Fennelly. Why does Jericho insist he never cooperated with the feds nor disclosed 
any information to them. The truth is in front of most, but most care not to look at the truth.

Ask yourself logically, search any search engine, Lexis Nexis, Google, find one instance of a case of federal agents 
raiding someone's home and walking out without a suspect. You'd have better luck getting struck by lightning. So what 
happened after FBI agents raided Martin's house once upon a time? Truth be told, he cooperated with authorities and 
provided them with log records for moronic developmentally challenged idiots who were sending him proof of their hacks. 
Thinks this is propaganda?

Brian Martin's information is publicly available via what is known in the United States as the Freedom of Information 
Act. It is highly unlikely he'd appreciate this disclosure since he would somehow have to prove everyone else except 
him is lying. He would have to come back with discourse on how the government is "out to get him" by carefully, 
selectively and willfully injecting disinformation into his life records. Not plausible. So a huge greeting to the 
federal snitch known as Jericho and his gang of buddies at Attrition. This month's second biggest federal snitch.


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