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Re: Squashing supposed hacker profiling
From: "J. Oquendo" <sil () infiltrated net>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 10:46:26 -0400

Steven Adair wrote:

> Amazing, you were able to find multiple instances where a script-based
> gender guesser was wrong? This is more profound than the initial research
> itself.  I suppose I could post a series of 10 writings where it was
> correct, but what would that prove?  Did you try reading this from the
> same page:
> -----

Yes I did read the page and I've also read through the obnoxious and smug
messages where this theory based hocus pocus voodoo bs is used for so
called hacker profiling. Quite frankly I could care less about n3td3v,
gobbles and whether or not they're one in the same. The purpose of my
message was point out that here is the quote on quote expert Krawetz
fingering individuals based on this same concept.

While vehemently insisting his method is not flawed I find it ironic that
he does not admit to it openly. Sure he can post it on a page, but how
about clarifying it openly. I can whip out some Chomsky documents and
offer arguments vis-a-vis and I can surely admit publicly when I'm an
ass I've done so plenty of times... Krawetz, you need to simmer down on
this "hacker profiling". You may fool the kiddiots, but how do you know
you haven't been fooled.

J. Oquendo
echo infiltrated.net|sed 's/^/sil@/g'
"Wise men talk because they have something to say;
fools, because they have to say something." -- Plato

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