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Re: Returned post for bugtraq () securityfocus com
From: "KJK::Hyperion" <hackbunny () s0ftpj org>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2007 00:40:15 +0200

Hehe, you don't even know what can be done with PSYOP.
Hey, knock it off, you are overdoing it. My recent post? the one about 
dismal social skills and crippling lack of subtlety among IT security 
people? yeah.

Come on, admit it: the Harry Potter thing was a drunken one-night-stand 
prank. Then you shit a brick and enlist the help of your fellow stoner 
bachelor/associate professor/assistant for the tl;dr writeup with 
POWERWORRRDZ (and I wonder: term paper? school newspaper column? 
undergrad thesis snippet? It must be fun wherever you are from). Then 
here we are back to the sycophantic freshmen with 'tude [1]. What next, 
asymmetric conflict and cyber warfare? oh yes, please retell me the 
revisionist history of the victories of the Mongolian army, I beg you. 
That is sooo relevant to our time and age because we get to invent new 
words to describe timeless concepts, and that's almost the same thing as 
envisioning new ideas, right...?

You are obvious non-US citizens, and I hazard you to come nowhere from 
the Commonwealth either, - I know, hard to tell from your firm command 
of the English language [2] - so how can you find such comfort in 
protestant work ethics, and in the idea of a world culturally dominated 
by them? It's beyond me (or maybe, just below my empathy threshold - I 
draw the line at having words for "bad hair days", or "lifestyle drugs"; 
at some point, I believe, words start playing with _you_ [3]).

[1] I thank god that you at least are not majoring in psychology and 
ranting on Kino -or- Bedding HOT CHIX with uncanny hair-stroking and 
superhuman elbow-touching. Being a proud manipulative jerk in 
geopolitics isn't near as creepy as the depths some borderline 
sociopaths with disposable income/dignity/soul will go to put some tab A 
in slot B.
[2] ... do I detect hispanic nuances in sentence structure, or do I fool 
[3] Never mind the involvment of Soviet Russia.

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