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Re: Exploit Brokering
From: Simon Smith <simon () snosoft com>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 15:47:40 -0500

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First Answer:

Only work with partners that are well established, incorporated, and
have a legitimate use for the items that they want to purchase. Do not
work with individual buyers/people, there's too much liability and no
way to verify that they are actually US based. Make sure that every
single transaction is done under tight legally binding contract. Perform
background checks as necessary, etc.

Second Answer:

Same as the first one.

Obviously this is just a light summary of the process that we follow,
but it should give you an idea as to how we do business.

security curmudgeon wrote:
Hi Simon,

: SNOsoft has been legitimately and legally brokering exploits since early 
: 2000, and we're still doing it very successfully. As a matter of policy 
: we will not ever purchase items from careless developers, and will not 
: sell to careless buyers or non US based buyers... With exploit brokering 
: comes great responsibility and liability.
: People posting emails in public forums in an attempt to sell exploits is 
: not only careless and irresponsible, but is also a testament to that 
: persons immaturity and lack of experience. Do they ever stop to think 
: about the potential liability? What happens if they sell to a hostile 
: foreign party, what could happen to them, etc...?

Can you describe SNOsoft's process for validating buyers and assuring 
they are "US based"? Is there any process to ensure that even though they 
are "US based" they do not have any ill intention toward their country? 
Just because someone has a US ID doesn't mean they were born here or not 
working for a foreign party.


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