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Re: Exploit Brokering
From: Simon Smith <simon () snosoft com>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2007 16:38:35 -0500

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Thierry, my comments are below.

Thierry Zoller wrote:
Dear Simon,

Well if it wasn't obvious enough let me rephrase.

SS> What happens if they sell to a hostile
SS> foreign party, what could happen to them, etc...?
Maybe they pereive your party as a hostile foreign party, this list is
obviously not based in the US.
SS> What's your point?
I think my point is very clear, those trying to find a buyer on this
list (who you are directly speaking to in your post) are
maybe not interested in selling to US based parties. You assume they

Right, I did make that assumption and that was purely based on my
perspective as a US based broker. There is no reason why the same kind
of business can't be done in other countries. I was thinking strictly
about "my" liabilities as a US based person and "my" restrictions only.
The US is only one country out of many.

To make this even clearer :
SS>Do they ever stop to think
SS> about the potential liability? What happens if they sell to a hostile
SS>foreign party, what, what could happen to them, etc...?
Maybe the hostile foreign party for them is the USA.

Quite possibly and I could think of many reasons why people would think
so, especially with our current president in office.

The solution is to work with legitimate established businesses
in a confidential and responsible manner.
If you are responsible you surely can disclose who you are selling
them too ? 
SS> That would be irresponsible.
Why would disclosing who you are selling them to be irresponsible ?
You argue that those seeking to sell over FD are "carelss and
irresponsible". Now why if they sell them to you makes them less
"careless and irresponsible" since they still don't know with
whom the information will end up with.

Again from my perspective it would be irresponsible as we have
confidentiality agreements in place with partners. It might not be
irresponsible for others to disclose that information.

Are you even disclosing this to the person that you
bought them from ? When not does this make you any better than
the "others" ?
SS> I have no idea what you are asking me here.
Are you disclosing _to the person_ you bought the bugs from, to whom
you are going to sell them ? If not I don't see the interest why they
should choose you over others for ethical reasons.

Same answer as above.

I should apologize because the initial email sounded very arrogant. With
that said, there is still responsible brokering and irresponsible
brokering. Selling exploits to just anyone is irresponsible.

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- - simon

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