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Re: n3td3v denounces the actions ofwww.derangedsecurity.com
From: "Richard Golodner" <rgolodner () infratection com>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 15:29:37 -0500

Just who are the secret services and where do you get this stuff from? I
want to know as I don't want the "shitters" up me. 
        Thanks, Richard

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On Nov 14, 2007 11:33 PM, Dan Egerstad <dan.egerstad () gmail com> wrote:
Do you know the powers? Powerrangers? Can they help me? Ohhh please help
ohhh you mighty...

I'm free, kicking and not charged for shit... don't know who you are and
couldn't care less but it does give something to laugh at =)
Go play with the other kids now


At the end of the day you're the dude with the secret service
following you everywhere you go now in real life for at least the next
6 /12 months or longer I would imagine.

Enjoy the privacy or not as the case maybe.

Sleepless nights, looking out your window every five minutes, turning
round in the street seeing if anyones following you and generally not
being able to trust people around you because they might be the secret
service. Not knowing who the next phone call will be from, knowing
everything you do on the internet is being watched by a human, every
keystroke, every e-mail, every draft.

I've been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

Its paranoia and it destroys you!!! It crushes you, this whole
derangedsecurity.com stuff will crush you mentally if it hasn't
already. I'm talking from experience, i've gone through these phrases
of paranoia, it'll eat you alive.

Maybe you're not feeling it yet, but it will creep up on you in a short

Thats the down side to doing big hacks, the mental strain of not
knowing if you've got away with it or not.

One day you'll wish you hadn't your picture on those news articles and
you hadn't drawn attention to yourself, it may take a few months for
it to kick in if it hasn't already.

The only reason its not already kicked in if it hasn't is you're
young, guilible and immature, and you're still feeding off the ego
rush of the media attention right now, but later in life it'll hit

You're thinking "i've not been charged for shit". The possibility of a
criminal charge is the least of the problems which comes with fame,
being known by a large amount of people is a bad experience walking
down the street, trying to get employed by people and generally
operating as a normal person in life.

You wonder all the time "Does he know!, "Do they know". And you get
the people who do know, know everything about you, but you've never
met them in your life before, and it scares you!

I've been approached by people in real life who know more about me and
what I do online than I do, it ain't nice.

Strange people start being a part of your life, and you know why, but
its never officially confirmed by anyone. The paranoia and suspicion
destroys you.

But basically you get the worlds intelligence services following you
around from different countries with different agendas to find out
things about you.

I imagined at first it would just be one team of survallience from one
country, but you end up having folks from a handful of countries
following you about in everyday life. And those individual
survallience teams aren't connected with each other. You can be
walking down a busy high street with a crowd of folks all around you,
you think are legitimate folks, but they are actually secret service
from multiple countries working independently of each other, who don't
know each other, but they all have one thing in common, they are
following you!!!!

It sent the shitters up me and it'll do the same to you.

And you get the folks who have nothing to do with government following
you around, and thats the scarist part. You get independant
investigators following you around from the worlds security companies
who have their own intelligence wings. The big corporations hire folks
to do this, just for the sake of knowing intelligence about you. And
then you just get the normal weirdos following you about who aren't a
part of any government or private investigation company, and thats
what is the worst part. Oh, and the random people who claim to be news
journalists, who could actually be anyone, walking upto you, knocking
at your door, e-mailing etc. You take the first interview, then you
realise, that could of been anyone. It screws you up in the head

When you become public in the security community, its not the secret
service which are the biggest problems, there are 100's of companies
who follow you about because they want their own intelligence about
you. You see all these websites that offer intelligence, who aren't
the government but offer yahoo,google etc intelligence on folks and
get paid for it, its not just technical intelligence they have,
they've got folks checking up on you in real life too.

who's gonna be on your tail for a while:

secret services (world wide) they follow you for national security
reasons to build a real life profile of you.

security companies (world wide) they follow you to build a real life
profile on you so they know if you're a threat to thier corporate
dot-com customers, so they can best advise corporate security teams in
the future should you become a repeat offender or determine if you're
likely to be and who you meet in real life who might be part of the
whole hacker thing with you.

news journalists (world wide) they just follow you for the scoop, some
of them announce themselves, others work undercover.

freelance weirdos (world wide) these are just people who want to
follow you about because they think they have a reason to.

Enjoy it man, enjoy it. I've been there, send me a postcard won't you
when you get there. ;) You'll be making a whole bunch of new friends
who you think are your actual friends in the near future but they are
all from these places!!!!!! I speak from personal experince this isn't
a kid around, it actually happened to me. The reality and hidden
pitfalls of being a known hacker ain't pretty.

By being a known hacker, you thrown your privacy away pretty much for
a long while.

I would rather it was just the secret services following me, than all
the other folks who come attached who want to know everything about
your on and more disturbingly, offline activities.


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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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