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When will Matasano stop the retarded commentary?
From: "Gobbles is back" <isbackgobbles () googlemail com>
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 16:42:02 +0000


New year is about to come and no one become man enough to question
matasanos retarded commentary on over the last year or so .. this
include talk on retarded virtualization, good old humble hacker name
dropping .. finger pointing and over all ridiculous security debate
them carry out on poor unsuspecting people .. .. Let gobble and one
decent English speaking friend explain to media about the whole

First there was Scut, Jimjones and Gobbles by far the very best ass
kickers from 2001 to 2005. (Please not the exact time lines as
Matasano retards love showing off there knowledge about the scene with
rough time estimates and good old name dropping) This become evident
with pointing Danny Dulia, Tim Newshman and Nergal in retarded blog.
Before he stray, It was fun to watch everyone love these guys talking
shots at security researcher who think listening to R&B music and
security research go hand in hand.

A classic example from 2003, was by Zen-parse aka Gregg McManus, now
working in idefense. (matasano plz note respected security member name
in diary. Gobble also advice to hang out on irc for better name
throwing of mysterious hacker community like above). However Gobble
also think that name throwing to public about old school hacker
history dont allow rise in sales figures. Infact it make Dino leave to
Investment banks in East USA for better money and overall well being
in day to day life.

Anyways, Zen parse  do  good job of shooting fat HD moor in his fat
Achillis bitch tits  about his  dumb turkey like telnet AYT exploit
discussions in public

Now HD work hard, porting buffer overflow code from C to Perl and Perl
to Ruby in metasploit. He do this to help hacker community from
emerging country earn decent living. He lie in bed and wonder like
Forest Gump, that one day, metasploit have all nice API feature of
Core Impact, and Dave Aitels special CDE double free exploit. He beg
lorian for 7350fun source as php_mime_slit() function confuse his
straight thinking brain. It also cause hurt when he don't understand
why memchr() function allow buffer overflow, but not always
exploitable. However HD's first priority remain to reduce drastic
weight after marriage first !!!

Gobble suggestion: Hi HD, If one feels that he cant cope with the
pressures of tracking lots of variables in C code function for buffer
overflow analyses, one should hang on #c or eat some fruit. This is
better than resigning to ones fate and copy core impact exploit code
scavenged from limwire and emule!!! Gobble also give HD a small tip on
code analysis ..  don't just stare at C code if you don't understand.
Paste complex code on #c once again under proxy name .. it allow quick
relief and avoid brain damage of Texan breast face !!

Now Gobble feel that being a matasano hate mail , oneself should not
stray from point of focus and continue writing about main subject of
this electronic e-mail's intention.

As I feel strong feelings about matasano, I see Lot of people see
there blog and get back onto doing better things like finishing OWASP
executive summaries and recommendation tables for fun filled reports.
This is because security consultants get paid for report writing, and
not reading retarded blogs about security related pillow fights from
matasano lemon boys ..

Let gobble enlighten security community about various matasano profile
.. It decide to start with Dave Gold smith .. the grumpy old idiot of
matasano .. sorry dave, sad you make no money on @stake buyout .. His
bio on matasano says the following

Dave Goldsmith co-invented fire walking, Yes David, thanks for
co-inventing fire walking, what else did you CO invent, oh yes you CO
wrote the first i386 buffer overflow paper too eh ??? Oh wait a
minute!!! Why not just CO SHUTUP for a change 

-- Gobble interruption in email --

Dave, he feel hiring portal- from security.is allow Matasano for
better PR and give chance for original content that's not CO written.
See Dave, portal write first format string paper, it known as
"art.txt". This tactic allow better boasting of Matasano. Further, it
increase drastic fan following level, in turn making Dave chuckle and
cream his nappy at same time - Self Thanks for giving Dave good

Jeremy Rauch, F33r the B33r!! Jeremy come with "ORIGINAL" member dog
tag of ISS ex-force. This is what he claim on matasano biographies. He
become first hacker interior decorator and make ISS lab look cool with
pet tarantula and DMZ LAN diagram. He co find bug in "Super" package
in Debian and reproduce hidden SNMP community in HP OpenView ( Kidding
Jeremy, we know you are the best ) Thanks to magnificent finding, Mark
Dowd, Neel Mehta , Caddis take notice and get inspiration to join
Jeremy's cute dream team. Sadly young members with bright mind make
idiot Jeremy redundant. ISS then decide to rename ex-force to X force,

Now Dinos turn. But hey … Gobble don't talk bad about Dino. They
realize Dino know w00w00 and ADM member.  Besides Dino have common
friend ie junk yard warz hero, Danny Dulia … Gobble also convey warm
hello from Dethy in Australia and Cold hello from teddi in Iceland to
Dino for 0-day trickery on Mac. Gobble and all its fan thinks Dino is
a smart man, who like working in ibanks, and earning good money at
wealthy levels.

Now gobble discuss the prized idiot of matasano: Thomas Attack !!
Gobble love this retard. What he love even more is that massive head
with sweat all over during black hat 2007. It remind gobble of distant
cousin, the Dodo ..!! But Gobble turkey feel confused like a chicken
hawk!!!  It don't understand why Pattack feel so nervous over retarded
talks with Juana Rustokava and her equally retarded viertualization
talk ?

Gobble solution to big fuss on virtualized root kit – Give Pattack a
flying dizovi kick..  preferably on his big face. This create immense
pain .. One more question from Gobble… he know very well that Thomas's
mothers tongue is English, and this allow him to communicate well, but
yet he get kicked out by DT in blackhat for not finishing silly talk
in time .. Why ???

To Make Juana Rustokava get rid of her misery,  support young polish
girl to help conduct sex change operation. Gobble demand helpful
penetration tester from emerging countries to donate monies for decent
deeds toward our belovid sisters sex change operation. Gobble know
this as it help sister Joana understand complex virtualization problem
on retarded security concept, blown out of proportion by the size of
super turkeys back side. Punt Punt !!

-- Gobble interruption in email --


Ok, this mail become too big to handle .. I go to holiday for thank
givings now .. but   he will be fucking back, and this time with a
brilliant surprise. Everybody gets a Christmas present in form of cool
blog .. this blog will shortly open to everybody .. every time the
matasano retards comment or debate about security scene , a parallel
post go on this blog .. Thomas, u fucking idiot .. better watch before
you say something stupid else we shoot u down , with Dino flying kick


The Matasano hate machine (1,2,3,4,5) , brother Peter Shipley !
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