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Xbox live accounts are being stolen (update)
From: Xavier lassiter <lassiterxavier () yahoo com>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 16:58:12 -0700 (PDT)

Hi My Name Is Xavier And You said to send you any 
info on Hacked Xbox live accounts just like to tell you my account was also 
Hacked since Wednesday march 26th 2008 I been talking to Xbox for two weeks now 
its march 31st well me and two of my friends accounts got stolen by my friend 
giving me this web site for free Microsoft Points like (Excuse me for my langue) 
Like a Fucking Dumb ass I went to the web site I looks just like a Xbox web site 
here is a link www.freempz.110mb.com when you look at the website it looks so real so I put in my e-mail address and 
password just like Xbox.com and it signed me in nothing happened so I got of my computer and went on my Xbox and a few 
minutes later I get a friend request from another person it was my friend and he told me not to go to that web site 
because they took his information when he told me that I went to change my information it was to late the email was 
changed and the password so what I did was I was going to stay on but it kicked me of I did not say I singed off but I 
tried to sign back in it said that my account was recovered so I called Xbox im going to try to remember everything ok 
I called them and I told them my account was stolen they did not know what the hell I was talking about after I spent  
Five minutes explaining to them that my account was stolen so they man I was talking to asked me for the gamertag 
Xman1231 they they asked me
 what was the address oh and this is on the first day and he asked me what was my secret password what was my pets name 
first I said I don’t have a pet and I told him that I put my favorite food and I told  him that everything was changed 
my address name last name everything they that’s when the guy got what the hell I was talking about it would been good 
if I wrote there names down but I did not let me get back the subject at hand ok then they put me on hold and then they 
put me on hold again and that’s when they put me in contact with the supervisor Matt I talked to him and everything and 
he said that he can suspend the account oh while this was happening they puck ass hacker was on my account but the I 
told they guy everything I told the man I was talking to that was they supervisor told me they will be in contact with 
me at the end of this week or next week in my mind I know there not going to call but they supervisor told me that I 
can make
 another account while I wait for there call he gave me a reference number and I got off the phone and I made a new 
account and I was thinking that can they just remove the email address and pass word that's there and add a new one but 
it was to late to call I apologize for my writing and thank you for reading this e-mail. if any question to asked you 
can contact me at my e-mail address  lassiterxavier () yahoo com  

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