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Re: n3td3v has a fan
From: Ureleet <ureleet () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2008 14:28:26 -0400


On Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 2:02 PM, n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com> wrote:

Why do I get a feeling you're trying to take me on, good luck with
that by the way...

i dont know why you feel that way.  you tell me how you feel.  how am i
supposed to know how you feel?  im not taking you on, i dont care.

yes you've managed to grasp i'm political, now are
you stepping forward to be a serious contender against n3td3v?

no, no one is 'challenging' you.  i am just sharing my views, as is everyone
else on the list about you.  it seems pretty negative at this point.

you've got a lot of catching up to do, I have 9 years of networked
contacts and political power base built up in the security community
and is continuing to grow.

and?  i havent seen any major corporations (or anything) step up to support
you either.  all i see is that you are full of

Politically i'm years ahead than you, so if
you're going to take me on as yourself then you don't seem like a
strong opposition.

how do you know that you are ahead of me?  assumption?  or cockiness?

The only group that is near in size that's already took n3td3v on
politically was Funsec group, they post a sophisticated smear campaign
against n3td3v headed by Neal Krawetz in the form of a PDF report, and
they still couldn't win political points. So what's chance has
"Ureleet" got?

who says i am trying to win anything?  i'm just sharing my opinion, the same
as you shuld be doing, but instead you are trying to have a pissing contest
with the community.  i read dr krawetz's paper, i thought it was
interesting, and i did observe some interesting things about you.
 especially in terms of your writing style.  some times its correct,
sometimes its not.  i think dr krawetz's paper is interesting, i am not sure
if its correct.  nor do i care.

You're nothing compared to Funsec group, and they weren't a good
enough contender, so are you going to form a "Ureleet group"?

you assume i am nothing, and i have no need to form a group, again, i dont
care.  just sharing my opinion, and trying to understand why no one (that i
have seen on here) believes or listens to you.  im not saying that someone
doesn't listen to you, somewhere, but i havent seen it here.  no, i am not
going to ask you for proof, because im not participating in the pissing
contest you are presently having with everyone else. and a ureleet group is
just absurd.  laughable at best.  sad that n3td3v is a group, and can't be
just a person.

been looking for cyber security political groups to step forward to
create a cyber security political circuit for a while,

like the webcam rings of the late 90's?  sweet.

its been boring
that its only n3td3v group and Funsec group on the circuit so far, so
I welcome you to setup your own political party, and take me or Funsec
group on.

i don't care.  said it.

Maybe you should join arms with Funsec group, thats your only chance
dude, but I don't think you've got the will power and political
knowhow to take me on since of what i'm already sitting on and you
appear to be a noob to the political scene taking me on.

im not going to ask you to define noob, because that then would elicit a
response from you...  i have no need to join a group. i participate in the
things i find interesting.  you, presently, are interesting.  simply because
you are so...  i don't know.. i can't think of the word

As far as i'm aware you're somebody working on your own, and you're
not part of any political groups, so you're not going to be taken as a
serious contender against n3td3v.

fine, i'm not a 'warring faction' against n3tdev.  dont care to be, dont
know why you want me to be.

I suggest you unsubscribe from n3td3v group if you don't like it and
are against it so publically.

im not against it, i am just glad i know where you stand now., as i said.

The president of Funsec group is Gadi Evron, you should know him...

i do.

you're currently talking to the president of n3td3v. So Ureleet, step
forward, form a political group, then come back and speak to me.

nah. meh.







[Ureleet political party goes here?]

ureleet () gmail com  thats all i need.

You're either with Funsec or you're with n3td3v, make your decision or
setup your own political group to take both of our groups on.

or i am all by myself like most people. another word for group is gang.  do
you feel the need to be part of a gang? create warring factions??  wtf is
wrong with you.

All the best,

thank you.


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