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Tuesday - Update
From: "Ven Ted" <v3nt3d () googlemail com>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 16:47:18 +0100

"Tuesday" is proving to be a great success, and v3nt3d is glad he have
invented such a new and innovative idea. So now is time to update you on
latest news.

Firstly, v3nt3d must apologise - he say the first two entries were from
Hanno and n3td3v, but v3nt3d find people entered before v3nt3d even announce
"Tuesday". v3nt3d thinks they must heard about it from underground networks
(As v3nt3d mixes with the cyber elite in the security community) or they
work for government (Mi6/CIA/FBI v3nt3d knows you watch he e-mail) which
already know about "Tuesday" .

Here is current top 5 entries for "Tuesday" so far:
1. Defining Tuesday - v3nt3d
Juvenile description of "Tuesday". Haha no-one say v3nt3d cannot enter own

2. Boners For Boffins - auto188821
Sorry auto, v3nt3d find your entry too funny and so not obnoxious enough.

3. Response to FileZilla passwords in plaintext - Garrett M. Groff
Tell someone to look up encryption and compression on wikipedia - lol you
basically say "go read the dictionary".

4. Response to FireFox DoS - Not Shadowgamers
v3nt3d think lift full of shit probably smell pretty bad, so even if it does
work no-one will use it.

5. XSS in s9y - Hanno Bock
v3nt3d would steal your 1337 XSS and claim it for his own but you eluded him
with power of creative commons license.

Special mentions for Morning Wood (need to be more creative), Jamie
Strandboge and Oliver Goebel (I think you missed the point of "Tuesday").
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