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Re: Fwd: Let's outlaw mass security conferencespamming its fucking gay
From: "Michael Simpson" <mikie.simpson () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 09:11:05 +0100

On 4/3/08, Paul Schmehl <pauls () utdallas edu> wrote:
--On April 3, 2008 12:27:35 AM -0400 Mary Landesman <mlande () bellsouth net>

Referring to oneself in the third person can be a symptom of identity
confusion or identity alteration, a subset or trait of dissociation. In
ancient times, it was referred to as demonic possession.

Self-objectification is also a trait of narcissism, perhaps because
narcissists love and feel empowered by (possession of) objects. And what
better object for a narcissist to love than themselves, objectified?
Other traits associated with narcissism are bragging, attention-seeking,
delusions of grandeur, etc. In modern times, I believe it is sometimes
referred to as being a bore.

Or boring a bee?

Paul Schmehl (pauls () utdallas edu)
Senior Information Security Analyst
The University of Texas at Dallas

As a medic working as a associate specialist in the treatment of
substance misuse disorder for the last few years n3td3v reminds me of
my patients who indulge in polydrug abuse mainly involving cocaine and
alcohol, often in combination.

This is a very dangerous thing to do due to the 2 drugs being combined
by the liver to form cocaethylene which is significantly more euphoric
and hepatotoxic.

-tip i have done some "n of 1" trials with patients showing that
antabuse (disulphiram) can help with this as it seems to inhibit
dopamine decarboxylase in the brain thus raising basal dopamine levels
reducing cravings as well as preventing alcohol use. Modafenil also
seems quite promising for stimulant misuse but my bosses are being
slow about letting me set up a proper double-blind placebo controlled
study of this.

I also think this is why the analysis of n3td3v done previously came
to the conclusion that it was several separate individuals. It is
merely one guy in different states of intoxication.

The evolution of his evolving addiction and deteriorating mental
health has been quite clear over the last few years.

Soon , if he follows the pattern set by many Scots indulging in hard
drug use he will start to use benzodiazepines more and more and if he
is very unlucky he will be exposed to heroin.
At this point he will go away and FD can return to its true nature as
a list for sec matters with occasional furry pr0n spam.



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