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Re: SCADA Security Corruption
From: "Bryan L. Singer" <bsinger_74 () yahoo com>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 19:21:15 -0800 (PST)

I know Jonathan quite well ...  As a public leader in
this space (one that is not afraid to stand up in
front of crowds and speak a message), you are bound to
make some enemies out there, it's inevitable.  

I can't remember where I heard it, but its a great
saying... if you stand for nothing, you'll fall for
anything... and its sage advice.

The challenge is that once you expose yourself to the
peanut gallery like many of us do, someone that does
not have the same courage is likely to posit the voice
of the pessimist.  It is much more easy to destroy
than create.  Sure, we aren't always right... I quite
often have changed a position in the face of
irrefutable evidence. It is a mark of character to
admit when you are wrong.

Any tactic involving slamming another peer, throwing
under the bus, or spreading uncorroborated
information, however, is deplorable.  Sure, if JP or
anyone else shows up on "The Smoking Gun" with a
credible piece of information behind it.. then we can
have this conversation.  But if we don't have solid
proof, better left to say nothing.

I know JP quite well and would be happy to know that
he worked on my security program.

PS:  asinine-sasion... that's good...
--- worried security <worriedsecurity () googlemail com>

On Feb 17, 2008 10:11 PM,  <beenthere () hush com>
So what's the point, Ghostrider, other than
character assassination
(or is that asinine-sasion)?

Simply by highlighting what is at most dubious
information, you
present it as fact and leave the rest to
now-public conjecture.

What is your relation to the guy?  Indeed, when
were you
fired...and for what?

Even if your grudge-specific accusation had a
smidgen of truth,
exactly how many people sharing that name are in
the US..or the
world for that matter?  If you goto:

one can get a
pretty good idea how common the name is, and work
statistics yourself...  Better yet, if I goto a
search engine
starting with Za...I find 5 different people with
the same name,
residing anywhere from beautiful Bakersfield, Ca
to McCalla,
Alabama (don't forget your Banjo, pig, and
slobbering 'Tard, 'ya

The odds seem to be...lacking, Ghostrider.

What a nasty, spiteful and cheap way to air your
grievance against
someone -- one can only hope the groundwork you're
laying doesn't
come back to bite you, hard, when the Karma PoPo
demand unfettered
access inside 'yer head.

Let's be honest here, perhaps a rare, seminal
event for 'ya --
you're not performing research, you're trying to
throw this guy
under a bus, an inquisition by any other name --
and I'm calling
you out.

Ghostrider, the question to everyone's answer is
usually found from
within, and I hope the looking glass doesn't hurt
too much when
it's pointed your way some day.


p.s. Have you seen what the average SCADA admin
looks like?  One
guy in these parts looks like he could have walked
off the AC/DC
Tour Bus...and I must say, I can tell when he
comes on shift 'cause
the lights burn just a little brighter.

If SecurityFocus Robert Lemos and HackerFactor Dr
Neal Krawetz and the
Funsec crowd can get away with character
assassination without legal
action, then some Ghost Rider guy on Full-Disclosure
is small fry.

You know what am sayin? ;)

Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.

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Bryan L Singer

Mufris, non Magister

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