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Re: scada/plc gear
From: gmaggro <gmaggro () rogers com>
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2008 19:47:28 -0500

For example: http://www.modbus.pl/download/zxy66/v19/modbus_perl_client.zip

Thank you for the links.

I like the following: http://www.modbusdriver.com/modpoll.html

"modpoll is a command line based Modbus master simulator and test 
utility". There's binaries for a few different platforms. Enough to get 
someone speaking modbus/tcp over the wire and the ability to read device 
registers, coils, what have you.

you spend 2 minutes with google you'll find more then you'll need.

Agreed, but part of what I want to help accomplish is a weeding of the 
crud, saving folks some time. Hopefully not annoy people with too much 
'cocking stupid' crap.

 Anyways, enjoy your research...

Oh, I am! That Kohler Power systems box, turns out, wasn't as robust as 
I hoped. It was built around a Lantronix Xport embedded ethernet device 
server, I think an Xport-485 
(http://www.lantronix.com/pdf/XPort-485_DS.pdf and/or 

At first it held up a couple days, but after pounding it with random 
crud (on various ports) 502/tcp stopped showing up. Attempts to get 502 
to show up again, by multiple power cyclings and leaving it off for 
extended periods, made no difference. The only things that continued to 
show up reliably were 69, 9999, 80 and 161.

Tried to find a way to reset it, either by the configuration menus or 
hardware (I took the case off) but had no luck. Attempted a reset via 
upgrading its firmware with the 'Device Installer' util (came with it on 
CD), but wound up bricking it so I couldn't continue. Now I can't play 
with it anymore and tell if 502 dropping off was some kind of a fluke or 
what the story is. I'm going to ignore it as an anomaly since I can't 
repeat it.

So I ripped open the Xport module. That thing is quite the little 
marvel, a couple BGAs (an Atmel and a Lantronix DSTni-EX) and assorted 
glue crammed in behind an RJ45. Wonder how commonly used they are. 
Written on the small metal case was "GM42501 Rev 2.0 (Modbus)" and 
"XP1001000-03-GC, Rev. A11" among other things.

1 piece of gear down, 5 more to go :)

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