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Re: PWDumpX v1.4 (and GUI:s)
From: "Markus Jansson" <markus.jansson () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 21:36:07 +0200

OK, OK, I get your point. If you use GUI, you are lamer, because you
could do fine without them 20 years ago so you should be able to do
just fine without them now too. Its just "lazy mans way of doing
things" to use GUI, and especially lazy and "now knowledge enought
peoples" way of doing things.

The same logic should also point us, that its lame to use cars,
because we humans have had two legs for millions of years. Anyone who
travel by car, bus, train, bike, or any other mean of transportation
than just using their 2 legs, is therefore to be concidered a lazy
lamer. After all, it takes "guts and stamina" to walk/run to places,
and not everyone can really do it. Besides, you can go to many places
by foot where its very difficult to travel using, for example, car. Id
say its pretty damm hard trying to climb Mount Everest using car, but
you can somehow do it with your 2 legs.

Wake up to this day people. Things evolve. DOS is 20 years old stuff.
If you are still running only DOS or other command line OS stuff, I
think that you really should concider upgrading to OS and stuff that
have clean, easy and fast GUI:s.

(BTW. My doubleclicking on desktop icon is maybe 200x faster than you
writing two lines of command line crap to get the program to do the
same thing I make it do with just doubleclicking it with my mouse.)

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