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From: gmaggro <gmaggro () rogers com>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 15:35:19 -0500

Several months ago I blathered about this topic, and the following 
incident backs some of my previous assertions:


And a quip from the article that just tickles me pink: "...The outage, 
which is being blamed on a fault in a single undersea cable..."

This is all assuming that the story is true; that it is one cable, and 
not a cover for something else. Glomar Explorer and K-129 anyone? Maybe 
they're just patching in another Echelon node, hehe :)

Doesn't really matter how or why the damage occured, the point is that 
fairly massive single points of failure clearly exist. What does matter 
is how similar results could be replicated by a loose coalition of 
like-minded individuals using highly insecure media.

Tons of maps and resources at wikipedia and 

I seriously wonder what the bandwidth of those are. Clearly they're not 
as well planned or maintained as one might think, so I suspect slop 
abounds in other areas of their configuration. Could one million retards 
with cablemodems saturate a cable? How would you co-ordinate entry 
points for huge masses of nodes such that you could be certain the 
output was confined to a single cable?

On a somewhat related note, it's always been my guess that very little 
net traffic, relatively speaking, is carried over satellites due to the 
distance and lag issues. Is this a foolish notion?

Hail Xenu!

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