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Re: Nominate Dan Kaminsky for Most Overhyped BugPwnie Award
From: the_man () hushmail com
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 10:44:49 +0200

n3td3v, I've been reading your posts for many years.
Most to all of them are pointless shit.

However, I regret, this one seems to be the very first I fully 
agree with.

All the best

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On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 11:27 PM, Sandy Vagina 
<bigsandyvagina () gmail com> wrote:
Well quite clearly Dino is a faggot then.

Earlier, you wanted people to submit this to Dino to vote on. Now 
it has been pointed out to you that it doesn't qualify, he's not
worthwhile. Nice flip-flop.

I want Dino whoever he is to come on Full-Disclosure and explain
what's awesome about it?

Why don't you explain what's not? That's right, you can't. You 
know anything about it.

The only thing awesome about it is its gonna sell more Blackhat
security conference tickets, thats about it... so yeah people
connected to Blackhat are gonna think its awesome, its actually a
peice of shit that nobody cares about.

I'm downplaying this vulnerability on purpose because I know its
overhyped. It really is a peice of shit designed to make somebody 
money, i've not got a list of profiteers in front of me but I know
somebody somewhere has that list of people and could publish it to
Full-Disclosure mailing list, so us ordinary people can see through
the hype and bullshit and actually get to the facts of what the
security industry has turned into, a hyped up money making meca of
false claims and accusations to spin up free advertising by getting
the media to talk about X vulnerability, and to buy a ticket for X
security conference to find out the details.

The security industry is a fuck up, nobody cares about security
anymore, just a bunch of faggots willing to line their pockets with
money so they can buy a yacht and go live on a beach somewhere for 
months and fuck a bunch of chicks.

No wonder your name is Sandy Vagina, you're probably one of the 
getting fucked by one of these researchers on a beach after 
and will be invited back to the yacht for an orgy fest of bullshit,
yes these faggots are laughing all the way to the bank and taking 
ordinary working class people for a ride by hyping this 
up for more than it is, for the simple fact to be able to afford 
champagne and condoms for when the afterparty happens.

Someones got to stand up against the profiteering on multiple 
on the security scene and n3td3v is the one to do it.

Yes there are going to be lots of fucknuts who don't like n3td3v 
they are likely on the list of profiteers either directly or

I would like to see research done into who is actually making money
and who isn't, it would be more worth while research than some dumb
fuck claiming to be able to take down the entire internet via DNS
cache poisoning.

If I sound angry its because I probably am... the amount of shitty
news reports i've read over the past few days vs the truth is

I wish more poeple would come out in public and downplay the
vulnerability for what its worth, and I know after Blackhat 
conference is over even Dan Kaminsky will downplay it, but while 
Blackhat security conference hasn't happened yet, you're going to 
a lot of wild accusations and media hype to make sure Blackhat is a
sell out.

After Blackhat security conference is done with, you'll see the 
of the profiteers for what they're worth, a bunch of scum bags who
told us a bunch of lies to get what they wanted, MONEY!

All the best,


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