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From: "Professor Micheal Chatner" <mchatner () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 03:51:00 -0700

Ladies of the internet. We salute you.

How does it feel having a low self-esteem. How does it feel to not
have a life worth living. Notice these are statements. That's how I
want you to think of the tonal range when you read this. These aren't

Dorks in their 40's with green hair. You're not fucking interesting. Give it up.

Nerds who say "But I would never hurt a computer". You disgust me.
Computers aren't real.

People with morals. Shut up.

Nikola Tesla was a faggot. Thomas Edison ruled.

Stealing is the only thing in this world worth doing. Everything else
is a failed attempt at assimilation.

Stop doing things that don't matter.

Computer security is an illusionary mindset that is worth absolutely
nothing. You protect the imaginary.

Nothing you do actually matters. Nothing you attempt will ever affect
anything. You're lives are fruitless and lack any form of substance.
You attempt to protect nonexistent data packets that aren't physical
in any cognitive reality.

It's all an attempt to make you feel a sense of importance that isn't
viable in nature.

What is it really that you are trying to accomplish besides a useless
philosophy that revolves around being a "computer superhero". You
aren't saving lives. You aren't saving anything. I have no idea how
this industry is worth a fucking penny considering that it is run by a
team of South Park watching immature socially inept idiots who have no
comprehension of anything beyond lanparty's with other like-minded
foolish individuals. There is no diversity there is no actual
intellect there is no actual change. Why waste your time save for the
fact that it lines your pocketbook with money that is created entirely
by an industry that manufactures fear and adolescence in the minds of
investors who are equally brainwashed.

Stop wasting your time and use your skills to bring chaos and
devastation to an already useless community of the mentally defected
population of earth. It's really the only opportunity that is worth

-- Professor Micheal Chatner, MD, CISSP

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