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Dan Kaminsky Disclosure Methodology + Super Critical vulnerability disclosure in Windows
From: "Fredrick Diggle" <fdiggle () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 13:37:53 -0500

Fredrick Diggle security would like to thank Dan Kaminsky for his new
methodology for vulnerability disclosure. The Dan Kaminsky Method
consists of the following steps.

1. Think of technology or protocol that has high exposure throughout
the internets
2. Contact all of the vendors and tell them to patch all of the
BADNESS in the standards which has been known about for 15 years.
3. Contact lots of media outlets with lots of readers but no technical
skill (http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=1468 <- Nate is good at
being clueless) and have them write doomsday stories about the end of
the internets.
4. Publicly disclose an 'undisclosed' vulnerability in said
technology. It is critical that you make a HUGE deal out of telling
smart people that they should NOT speculate as to the nature of the
vulnerability as it would threaten the entire internets. On the side
tell people that you will give them partial credit if they find 'your'
vulnerability before the public disclosure in a year or so.
5. Wait for someone smart to find a real vulnerability and then act
all pissed that they talked about it before you.
6. Have a popular blogger with questionable morals 'accidentally' leak
the full technical details of the vulnerability.
7. ???
8. PROFIT!!!!


As a supplement to this, Fredrick Diggle security would like to
disclose a critical vulnerability in the Windows IPv4 network stack.
This vulnerability is trivially remotely exploitable and could doom
the entire internets if disclosed prior to being patched. All vendors
have been notified and are working on patches. Fredrick Diggle will
disclose the details of this vulnerability once he is sure that
everyone is immunized (at Blackhat security conference in 2015). He
would like to make it very clear that people should not speculate as
to the nature of this vulnerability as public disclosure could
threaten the entire infrastructure of the world (Halvar, This means
you!). Anyone who independently discovers this vulnerability prior to
public disclosure will be invited on stage to be recognized as having
found it second.

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