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Re: Was it illegal that Robert Lemos and Neal Krawetz wrote about n3td3v?
From: londone () hushmail com
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2008 10:12:19 -0600

On Fri, 6 Jun 2008 at 11:48 PM, n3td3v wrote:
I dropped out of university because of what was written, I still
suffer mental scares and I still haven't recovered.

you had mental scars (scares?) long before that paper. youre just a 
retard looking for attention.

I hadn't done anything illegal, but they used me as a guinea pig 
human research? Why didn't you test on animals instead of a real
persons life?

i think they answered this in the blog entry you cited. they wrote 
"Finally, I've been asked why I picked on n3td3v in the first 
place? My answer it pretty simple: it was the challenge asked of 
me. The targeted individual was not my selection"

you are also illiterate. nowhere does the doc say 'gobbles is 
n3td3v'. he only says that he could not rule gobbles out as a 
suspect. besides gobbles does a better n3td3v than n3td3v and he 
has been doing it for years.

Then I got paranoid that there was a forensic study about me and
thought I was a wanted person, then got paranoid mi5/mi6 wanted 
thats why i started mentioning mi5/mi6 all the time, because the
forensic study fucked with my head, because I went to Neal Krawetz
website http://hackerfactor.com/ and there was a picture of Bin 
on there, and I thought fuck, thats the kind of person they think 
am, even though i've done nothing wrong.

So I went to see my university shrink but I couldn't cope. so I 
had to drop out.

this just shows how much of a liar you really are. kravetz did not 
start talking about bin laden until september 7 2007. that is a 
year after the n3td3v paper came out.

you also were focused on mi5/mi6 long before then. or do you not 
remember talking about them back in 2006? five months before the 
kravetz paper.

If I wasn't a pissy young student with no money i'd prolly of 
sued them by now. 

i thought you said you dropped out. are you a drop out or a 
student? dont bother answering because i really dont care.

i can only hope you feel better in the future.


ps i forgot to wish gobbles a happy birthday. happy belated 
birthday gobbles.

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