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Re: To clear the air and conspiracy about n3td3v
From: Ureleet <ureleet () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 14:26:44 -0400

On Thu, Jun 5, 2008 at 11:06 AM, n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com> wrote:

Why did you ruin the build up to Web Application Security Awareness
Day? It was because of what you and Valdis said on the weeks running
upto it that nobody post anything. I mentioned mi6 to try and scare
you and stop you annoying me.

because people dont need a day.  they need to post vulnerabilities all
the time.  all it looked like you were doing was piggybacking on
everyone else's research.  i saw it that way, and everyone else did

Your excuse for harassing me on the weeks running upto it was don't
post anything on May 1 so n3td3v can't make a name for himself, but
the day wasn't about me making a name it was about people disclosing
throw away vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting that people are
usually too shy to post on a normal day, because those bugs seem too
insignificant and too lame to post and don't usually give them enough
hacker points on a normal day.

then people need to quit thinking they are lame, and post them more
often.  a day, sponsored by you, isn't going to do it.

With Web Application Security Awareness
Day it was ment to bring credibility back to web application security
bugs like XSS, but you didn't see it that way, you thought it was
about me making a name for myself, even though I already had a name
for myself already because of the bad press and conspiracy links
between me and Gobbles, whoever the heck he is.

no publicity is bad publicity.  even when you just _don't get it_.
people tell you to go away, you don't listen, you even /say/ you are
going to go away, and we applauded it, and you still didn't do it.
quit lying.  no one cares about you or gobbles.

So everyone knows who n3td3v is, but the mystery remains, who is
Gobbles??? He is the real hacker you should be tracking, you've wasted
all your time and resources on trashing me for no reason just because
you thought I was some elite hacker called Gobbles? I'm still trying
to work out in my head what all the attention is on me for and why
people thought I was someone called Gobbles and that I was three

who cares.  so dr. neal was wrong, who gives a fuck about either one of you?

If that isn't enough to fuck my head up I don't know what is, a
forensic study on me, just because some idiot (Neal Krawetz) thought I
was Gobbles???

get over it.  dr neal was doing you a favor, at least gobbles has
published exploits.  what have you done?

I don't know who Gobbles is, I have never spoke to Gobbles, I have
nothing to do with him and don't want to know him. He seems to be some
elite hacker, which someone thought was me, but I have no idea about
him and don't know who he is.

good, again, who cares?

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