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Re: Let's make a spy-proof communications infrastructure
From: "Jubei Trippataka" <vpn.1.fanatic () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 13:35:08 +1000

Yes as i've been saying already the intelligence services for years like
MI5, MI6 have been laughing at Full-Disclosure for years about us and the
media getting excited about internet explorer, fire fox, opera, safari drama
and the other likes.

While that may be stimulating for some, it hasn't chipped a single inch out
of the government and the intelligence services.

The biggest government hack of all time? Some faggot weirdo called Gary
Mckinnon probing the Pentagon and other government networks with a text file
of manufacturer default passwords, and he is about to be extradited to the
U.S.A for it and be put in jail for 65 years, lmao!!!

The government are laughing their asses off at how softcore the world elite
hackers are, we need to crank up a gear and give the government something to
think about.

I'm not talking about anything illegal or breaking the law, i'm talking
about lawful critical vulnerability discosure on the mailing lists thats
going to make the intelligence services and the government wake up and bring
real credibility to the mailing list.

Right now, folks releasing quicktime flaws and other gay shit, thats so
1999, its time to research and disclose stuff thats going to get you stopped
at passport control and have your vulnerability research taken off you for
analysis when you plan to do a speech at a security conference etc.

Like say, we need to move away from gay shit, and think about the
government and the intelligence services, they are currently walking all
over all of us, its time to get even technically.

All the best,


Put your money where your mouth is. What have you released that will make
the government respect this list?

Secondly, what does FD and the "world of elite hackers" have in common?


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