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Re: Monthly Hands-On Meetups
From: n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 10:59:10 +0100

On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 2:30 AM, Ureleet <ureleet () gmail com> wrote:
so u just want to meet n3td3v and flogg him publically? sounds good.

I already read a conversation between Joel Esler and his buddies on
#pauldotcom that this idea was in the works, accept for them it is a
critical mistake, because I saved the IRC transcript to show the
police if something does happen offline.

Many people from the #pauldotcom channel came to me with the
information that was talked about in the #pauldotcom IRC channel, that
they were planning something, then this thread appear a couple weeks
later, maybe some of these aliases aren't just kids and there are
security professionals behind them trying to influence the system to
their own advantage.

People might be upset with me for speaking out for what I believe in,
but Joel Esler, he post a private email I sent to the Sans
handlers () sans org into the ##security IRC channel without permission,
then he made a joke about aviation security on a Sans handlers
podcast, and then threats to my personal safety made by his friends in
#pauldotcom, which was talked about in the public IRC channel in front
of 60+ users.

What they had forgotten is, n3td3v is well networked in the security
community and well dug in, people brought me the information that I
was being talked about in #pauldotcom.

It wasn't some laze about kids, its a security professionals channel
for the pauldotcom.com podcast... they hold some little grudge against
me for being so outspoken on Full-Disclosure about whatever I talk
about on a particular day.

The transcript said they were plotting to trick n3td3v into meeting up
with me, and somehow harm me physically and possibly kidnap me to a
place where the general public could not see and hear and do something
to n3td3v.

This was a critical mistake on there part, as n3td3v is well networked
and dug in, and things like that get back to me pretty quick, and if
they thought I wasn't going to put it on Full-Disclosure about the
threat, then they have made a mistake.

A picture is building up about Joel Esler and the Sans handlers IRC
circle, a very shadowy picture... this may be a joke thread by someone
unrelated, nothing to do with n3td3v, but its a bit of a coincidence,
but the intelligence picture is building up nicely.

I'm in contact with important people and all this information is
gathered by people who hang about the same IRC channels as them and
the information is sent to me.

He thinks Marcus Sachs is innocent, he said he knows Marcus Sachs, he
wouldn't do anything like plot a false flag to influence the next
administration. I laughed at how young and gullible he sounded trying
to stick up for Marcus Sachs when the Youtube video is out there for
anyone to watch.

The #pauldotcom comments were taken seriously by n3td3v and are
currently part of an investigation to make sure the comments stay
comments and aren't taken any further into the offline world.

The bottom line is, these Sans handlers are power hungry and
political, they don't like someone like me getting in the way of their
plans to artificially ramp up cyber security as a national security
agenda item, as their Sans Internet Storm Center, Director, none other
than Marcus Sachs said on Youtube.

The Sans Internet Storm Center Director is a twat and there will be no
false flags or artificially ramping up cyber security as a national
security item on my watch.

Each and everytime you try and ramp something up i'll post about it on
Full-Disclosure, make sure the public know exactly what is going on
with you guys.

Arrange a meet up with n3td3v, kidnap me because im getting in the way
of your plans, but at least the public will know why n3td3v was
kidnapped and harmed, its because you guys had something to do with

Joel Esler in a private IRC message with me when I questioned him
about the #pauldotcom comments, he threatened me if I didn't stop
posting on Full-Disclosure that something would happen to me, in the
same conversation flow about the #pauldotcom comments meet up plot.

I told him, and what are you going to do if I don't stop posting to
Full-Disclosure? He never replied.

I then said I wasn't going to stop posting to Full-Disclosure, at
which point I disconnected from the IRC conversation.

They, then banned the nickname "roguebot" from the #pauldotcom that
they were paranoid was responsible for the conversation about the meet
up with n3td3v plot had been used to get the information back to me.
Cause they were paranoid that their channel was springing leaks and
giving intelligence to me, they saw roguebot was using mibbit.com and
were straight away paranoid about it.

I knew threats were going to start happening as soon as I got in the
way of their cyber plans, never mind, this e-mail exposes the true
nature of the Sans handlers. I'm sure some of the handlers aren't all
power hungry and I feel sorry for them getting branded with the same
brush, but thats what the rogue elements of the security industry and
the ISC storm center have created, im just the messenger reporting
about it.

Like I said, its not all the Sans handlers, but rogue elements within
it, people that have been monitored on IRC by various people and
private messages i've had with Joel Esler.

Like any organization, there is bad apples inside each. There are bad
apples inside Sans as well, plotting there way to get a bigger chunk
of the power and money.

I used to think, these guys are just Sans handlers, out to post
helpful information on their diary, but something far bigger is going
on politically and its something thats got to be kept an eye on.

It all started one day when I e-mailed them and caused offense and it
was later post by Joel Esler on IRC that alarm bells started ringing
about the nature of some of the people who volunteer for Sans internet
storm center are more sinister under the surface that can be seen on
the surface.

They will try and say im some kid that forgot to take his meds, but
the truth is known by n3td3v, and everyone else who witnessed the
comments post on #pauldotcom.

Valdis is also part of the same IRC circle with the Sans handlers, so
he will probably come trying to support them, as n3td3v believes he is
part of the ramping up cyber security thing.

They are willing to lock up Gary Mckinnon for 60 years to get power
and money, then they are capable of absolutely anything.

All the best,


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