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"Zero-day catcher" for Windows available for sell
From: Zero-day catcher team <zerodaycatcher () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 10:59:42 +0400

Known buffer overflow prevention methods, Anti-Virus methods (including heuristic and signature methods), HIPS methods, Anti-rootkit methods can be more or less easily bypassed (description of the methods of
bypassing exceeds the scope of this info).
Main principles of "Zero-day catcher":
- any malware (including trojans, viruses and worms, protected by anti-heuristis methods)uses direct reading of PE headers of at least one module for EAT/IAT/sections; - any AV software (including heuristic and signature ways) can be bypassed easily, AV methods are effective ONLY for known vectors of attack and signatures; - any HIPS software (based on heuristic and r0/r3 API hooks) can be bypassed by in-depth inline hooks; - any rootkit (including installed hooks) changes a control flow of legal threads; - any thread (including changed by rootkit) can not permanently and directly control hardware timer behaviour (in context of interruption control of its execution);
- any rootkit can not control DRAM, disabled by chipset MTRR as SMRAM;
- any rootkit can not change SMRAM_LOCK register behaviour (WRITE_ONCE chipset future); - any anti-rootkit methods (including r0/r3 API hooking and heuristic scan of memory) can be bypassed by early loaded rootkit;

There are three versions of "Zero-day catcher":
- SMM version (include hardware part and software part) - for rootkit acquiring and prevention (including virtualization rootkits) - kernel mode version (software part only) - for rootkit acquiring and prevention (excluding virtualization rootkits) - user mode version (software part only) - for userland malware only (exploit-bot-worm-virus catcher)

"Zero-day catcher" could be usefull for:
- zero-day threats detection and analyzing automation;
- acquiring exception environment;
- detection of undetectable (by heuristic and signature) malware in any form; - discovering of any vectors of malicious attack (browsers, mail clients, etc) by corresponding plugins; - prevention of all kinds of known and unknown attacks (implementation of critical importance systems)

There are no demo or trial version, "Zero-day catcher" targeted for professionals only. Questions and request for prices: zerodaycatcher () gmail com <mailto:zerodaycatcher () gmail com>
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